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It seems a while since I updated you with my mermaid antics. The whole series of posts have been my post popular by far…well except the ones where I post booby snap shots. You can find my other blog posts about my mermaid antics here: Mermaid Mission, Bobbing Along, Fish Out of Waterand Watersports.
Well I am nearing the time when I have to perform it…Jezz who knew it would creep up on me so quick. The actual performance date has been moved more times than I care to recall for various reasons which admittedly has been both a blessing and a curse. It has meant more time to rehearse but also more time to panic.
These last few weeks will be focused on bringing all that I have practised into play and rehearsing like a crazy thing. Last time I was in the pool I was in there for about four hours. My abs (I have some! Who knew!?) and legs hurt so much. Plus four hours in chlorinated water is not good for your skin, hair or eyes.

Trialling the 'Khandie' wig from Annabelle's Wigs. Inspired by my mermaid antics!!!
The costume is now complete and has been finished off with a wonderful wig from Annabelle’s Wigsas all mermaids have fabulous hair. Despite being initially wary of my beautiful curly blonde wig going in the pool it came out looking the same way it started out as once dried! I had incorrectly assumed the chemicals in the water would damage it. Not sure if it wont alter the colour on a dark wig as mine is platinum. I did take care to rinse it out afterwards so perhaps that helped?? Impressed none the less. I will be buying more from Annabelle methinks.
You can find lots of mermaid footage here:
and one from Immortaleye Photography…there are some bad images in this!hahaha