Sunday, 20 June 2010

Busy As A Bee

God almighty has it really been that long since I last posted? Eek so much has happened since then. I have been at Dr Sketchys in Nottingham, performed at Burlesk in Hastings, modelled for Nikita Sablier at Festival of Sins, and basically been up and down to Bournemouth more times than I care to remember. So as you can see I have been rather busy of late.

The Burlesk show was amazing and I really felt for the first time in a while that my performance was spot on from a personal view point. I felt that I really connected to my Dark Before The Dawn act....lushy sounding I know but for a performer that is just what you want/need.

I adore this image of my final moments of the Dark Before The Dawn act.

Then it was sploshing hell on the stage at Festival of Sins for Nikita Sablier (my lovely friend). I was dressed in corsetry and flung cakes and trifle about on stage. Lots of fun and VERY messy.

Then recently it was to Nottingham for Dr Sketchys...awesome venue and crowd there. I was a bit of a dork when I met Charlotte Thomson though having been a fan of her work for sometime I almost couldnt talk to her... Along with a fantastic team of people such as Miss Rain and Scarlett Daggers they put together a great show and one I hope to go back to soon. I have posted some of the artwork drawn of me in my galleries section. Go have a gander.

Right to bed for me I think.
Night all

Do you enjoy causing a room full of boners when you perform? You certainly got me going lol.

um no i dont. I just enjoy my performance. My intention is not to turn you on.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

I wouldn't say people think of you as "judgemental". ....half right, and we don't mean the 'judge' part =P

I like that I am regarded as mental. Though my energy comes from my nerves. I like to be my manic self but always professional. xxx

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Are you always judgemental or just when your friends decide to cause trouble?

I try not to judge but sometimes I admit that it is hard not to when so many people have tried to screw me other with lies, bitching and general unpleasantness. To be honest if you judge before you know someone I have found I usually have the initial wrong impression. I like to wait and form my opinions over time. My friends can cause trouble and some have in the past. I have had 'words' with some friends and hope they have learnt their lessons. Good question BTW though I hope I am not thought as 'judgemental'.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

What are your views on Northampton?

i do love it there. Its a sort of eclectic mix of people which creates a very varied and creative atmosphere. I love the Fishmarket because not only does it have the best tea shop (the Nook) but also they hold AWESOME parties. Plus Northmapton is home to Alan Moore n greats like my friends the Thorpe family.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Favourite venue in which you've ever performed?

far too many to choose from. its more a case of which audience has been the most memorable and believe me there have been many memories!

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Monday, 7 June 2010

What would you cook if you were on Come Dine with Me?

ooohhh Bake Bean Island...its mash potato with beans round the outside and sausages stuck in it like palm trees. BTW I cant cook. Oh and I would attempt to make chocolate guiness cake for after.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!