Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Can you believe it? I mean one minute the bookings are coming in slow and now its manic! what is going on.

Not that I am complaing.

I guess those of you on the scene have seen the rather negative energy that is surrounding burlesque at the moment. So to that vile trolls out there causing it: POKE OFF PIE FACES! Hardly mature I will grant you but if I get one more email telling me how so and so is talking behind my back about me or how such and such bitched about me I will scream.

Right I had better go. Only a short post today. Will post more. By the way check out my new website and let me know what ya'll htink ok.



Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Site is LIVE

Ok so the site is finally live! It even has its own blog whoop!

So please pop over there and let me know what ya'll think.

I am not sure if I will keep this blog up and running as my website has one also though I *may* be able to link the two so the info is posted to both...




Friday, 16 April 2010

General Housekeeping

Good grief I have been rather poor at blogging havent I?!

Well much has been happening. And I mean MUCH! From my very recent email asking me to lend my image to a new iPhone app (yet undecided on that one personally - more an android girl) to my plans to New York and Canada. Plus my new website is soon to be up and running. I may even have to close this blog and divert you all to my new site. It should be going live rather soon. Want to see a sneaky pic?

Isnt it wonderful? and far from finished. It is being made by a personal friend of mine called Matt Harvey. He is a talented lovely! I think I may have challenged him on this one but like a real trooper he rose to the occasion and has created something better than I could imagine! As well as webdesigner he is a talented artist. I love him...and and his missus.

So when this site goes live once a few techincal things have been sorted be sure to check it out!

Anyway so I am manic right now. I have sorted myself a small dance/rehearsal studio to use plus decided to rework the rabbit poison act. To be honest the whole 'oh-look-let-me-drink-that-and-i-will-remove-my-costume-thing' is overdoen now and on the words of a lovely Joe Black I am attempting to make the act more comedic with audience interaction that bit more without the need to leap on to their tables...which is something I need to suppress as sometimes I think it can make people see me as a crazy loon and only capable of doing that one style. Talking of styles I am putting together two new routines though admittedly one at a time...a new fan dance to some stunning music that most ladies will recognise the moment they hear it. I have already used it a number of years ago but want to bring the act back out of retirement with a new costume and a fresh attitude. The second routine will take much longer to perfect as the corset alone (another Vintage Lynndy Loo one off creation) has to be perfect so I can work it into the act... Think Mulan and you are almost there but still off the mark!

Right so ontop of all that I have travels to Canada and NYC to arrange.


So off I pop and promise to make more of an effort to keep in touch. For those you cant wait for the blog posts...why not join me on twitter? Click here to add me! I tend to twitter fairly often with added bonus images of tat every now and again.



Sexiest Pucker – 55973 « The Soap And Glory Daily Muse

Sexiest Pucker – 55973 « The Soap And Glory Daily Muse

Vote for me or the other beavies of beauties on the ballot!

The only election that has lipgloss policies on the agenda!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Yorkshire And The Science

So after much formspring crap (see the questions below) I have decided to post a wee bloggy bit about my travels to Yorkshire and science museum antics.

Yorkshire was fantastic and proved to be a great location for me to practise my photography. Whitby proved to be very inspiring. From the ruined abbey, the clifftop graveyard to the crowds of shant singers and goths. Each step I took about the place made me want to whip out my camera (Nikon D90) and capture it all.

The whole place seems to be a crazy mixture of victorian gothic structures to tudor housing and cottages...juxtapositioned by the nasty 70s council tower blocks that almost ruined the landscape with the rolling moors behind. The abbey and the nearby graveyard on the cliff side is wonderful and rather sad. You can see why Bram Stoker set some of his world famous novel Dracula here. The graveyard is full of old extremely ornate grave stones with some sadly too weathered to read. What made it all the more sad was that tour groups were running and climbing over these gaves as though they were mere playthings or obstacles in a local play park. The concept that a few feet below them lay the remains of someones loved one was lost on most of them.

I have posted a few images below for you. Not amazing by any stretch of the imagination but I love them. As always images are copyright of ME! DONT STEAL! Like you would. LOL

my image of the abbey. Not edited though.

slightly edited.

Edited view of the back of the ruined abby. I love the flock of birds flying over.

Street performer. This guy was fantastic. He's traditional form of entertainiment included singing old sea shanties and working the puppet. I took alot of images of him that I have yet to edit. He really was a great subject to take images of.

Whitby over Easter held a scooter festival so the whole down was swarming with Mods. Fantastic change to the goths who usually own the town. I took some shoddy (sorry) images of a a few Mods. Though they look scary and slightly thug-ish they were lovely and adorably patient of me whilst I snapped away at them.

I was happy to return home though despite how relaxing Yorkshire was.

The following week saw me spending an evening at the Science Museum for one of their 'Lates' nights. This is where the museum (V&A also does it) stays open late on evening for an adult only affair with alcohol, lectures and music. I had a great time swanning about the joint.

You really should go if you get the chance. I did take some photos but cant remember where I put the SD card. Will hunt it down.



PS the redesign of my website is going really well and it is almost ready to relaunch it. Will give you all a shout out when its ready.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

what do you make of all these award type poll thingys... does it bother you not bieng nominated and having all of the web canvassing for votes or are you nominated often and have to hassle all your friends to vote for you . . . what do you make of it all?

I have been nominated for one poll and came 29th (though joint) in the top 50 burlesque stars of 2009 by a 21cp poll. To be honest I often feel that polls are won by those that have the most mates though this isnt always the case.

I am alittle dishearten when not placed but I guess it shows how much more work I need to do to get fore front in peoples minds. I will admit that I dont like hasseling people to vote for me and rather just show the competition than 'blackmail' people into voting.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Complete this question: Will you marry _ _ ?

a frog? No...i couldnt catch flies.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

What is your favourite pose to strike when modelling?

I love any one that involves laughing. Alot of the standard poses are lovely but I like to find my own twist on them to suit my personality.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Do you believe in karma?

yes! Bloody hell yes! I recent nasty person got karma biting them in the arse. Though I felt awful and offered to help out. FOOL!

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Do you think if a performer is willing to undercut you [and you know this for fact] said performer is also willing to undercut others? Do you think people should be made aware of this since it could potentially cost them a paycheck? How would you proceed?

I am not sure how to proceed. Could it be that this performer believed they aren't worth the money you are? Perhaps simply telling them what they are doing in case they are unaware. I personally would not be sure what to do.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be and why?

I'd stop giving handouts to people just because they left school and can't get a job etc. I'd make them go back to school or volunteer in order to get their benefits. Give them some self pride and give back to those who are helping them.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Do you ever get tired of being the crazy life and soul of the party type? Do you ever switch off and just be normal, without having to be "kooky" or odd? Is the craziness a character you play, or are you really like that all the time?

I am who I am most of the time unless I am grumpy and have to fake my happy a bit. Though the real smiles take over quick enough. I like who I am but yes I do have quieter times as do we all. X

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!


Ok so perhaps calling this post a quickie isn't appropriate or have I spent too much time in the company of smutty boys. Those pesky boys. After my whirlwind dash around the south of England last weekend, I was somewhat delighted that this weekend just gone was quieter though none the less lovely.

My dear friend and fabulous costume designer Lucy (of
Burldoir fame) got married on the Saturday and I was invited along to celebrate.  I cried.  A lot. The whole 1930 styling of the affair was beautiful though the same can't said for my dancing....well.  I blame the bride and Sarah and Ana....and Simon...and everyone else but me! The whole affair was stunning and Lucy and Simon are so well suited! So yummy together!

My lovely dress from Coast...awesome sales assistant saved this for me!!

Ignore my grumpy face...it had just started to rain and my curls were bound to fall out! GGRR
I may have looked glamorous then but in the morning was another story after I 'found' the hotel bar...
Ever the rock star...why i went to bed with my Nikon D90 is a mystery. The sun glasses are not however.

I am always the dork though...

But the glamour is my middle name...NOT!

I would post some dance photos of my awesome dancing skills but no. They are awful. Robot anyone? I kid not. It was carnage. Beautiful carnage but carnage none the less.

With the stunning Ana and Charlene of the stunning WWW.CHARLENEHICKEY.COM

On the Sunday I popped into Oxford to pooter about the place. If you havent been you really should. I ate lovely icecream by the river and mooched about the science museum. They had a cute steampunk exhibit on created by a local school. I reallly love Oxford as the building are breathtaking creations of engineering.

Talking about science museums...I went last night to one of those 'Lates' the museums in London often do. A sort of wander about the science museum in the evening with alcohol and NO KIDS! Whoo Hoo!

I will post more on that later but if you get a chance to go....GO they are hilarious and good fun.

This bank holiday weekend sees me off to Yorkshire....

So I had better go as I have packing to do...damn me for leaving it to the last minute!

Sneaky bad dancing picture with Ana!