Sunday, 31 January 2010

Talk about a break!

So after my break away to Australia, I was ready to get back into the swings of things burlesque UK side. I have my first front cover out in a matter of days, a shoot just completed with another lined up plus I have a show next week.

All was perfect until I took a tumble down the stairs from my flat and face planted at the bottom. I had landed rather heavily on my right arm and split my head open. Not mention the immense pain from my ribs and winded lungs. After an ambulance ride it was confirmed I had fractures in various locations.

I left hospital feeling rather miserable as my arm was in a sling and I had a thobbing head ache. I have been back to the fracutre clinic where I was told no performing until I have full mobility in my right arm again....god knows when that is. So with a heavy heart I have had to cancel a show in Southampton that I had been rehearsing for no end and rest up.

Anyway less of the misery...

Enjoy a small selection of the images I had taken by John Henry at my shoot. all images are copyrighteed.

All images copyrighted to John Henry

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Golden Oldies!

Good grief I went for a trawl through some old pictures of mine and damn near had a heart attack over how I was back then! EEEKKK

Having gotten over my rather shocking experience I figured what the hell I had best share it with you lot so you can have a good giggle!

This is me with long hair circa 2005? at the RAF Northolt summer ball. This guy is awesome! Olly Mylius is one hell of a drummer! xx

Taken 17 May 2004 the day I graduated from RAF basic training...9 weeks of hell and highs. With my brother Carl n Auntie Heidi! Note no makeup and goofy grin! Shortly after this picture was taken I bombed it to the pub...for a pint of cider...oooh classy bird!

Aahhh KK as a baby.....pity I never stayed cute LOL

KK as a miserable toddler! I love how fat the nappy makes my arse! I have no idea what possessed my mother to put me in those trousers though.

At Headley Court (hence why I raise money for Help The Heroes) with some fellow inpatients! We rocked that place. No idea why Mikey is trying to shove a bottle up my arse though....hahaha

With the LOVELY Mr Jarvis about to take part in RAF Northolt's Christmas Fun Run for charity. After a skin full the previous night I was not in the mood for running 5 miles. I did it however with out puking up the last nights booze and in that ridiculous costume!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Why I Oughta....

'Burlesque?! You mean YOUR a burlesque performer? Well you dont look like Dita Von Tease.'

Wow thank you for the open minded-ness of your grey matter! Also your quick judgement of me based on your lack of knowledge about burlesque is to say the least rather impressive.

While I am no Dita Von Tease, or an Immodesty Blaise or hell anyone else for that matter other than my own person burlesque does not come with a predefined size, shape, colour or sex for that matter. Yes preach all you want that such and such a size should not be seen and snigger in the back row about my cellulite I dont care. Dont try and tell me I am setting women's rights back decades with my performances. No one is making me do this. I chose using my own free will and my equal right to freedon of expression. I am my own person marching to my own beat with a rhinestoned garter and a glitter cleavage. Dont hate me, join the chorus line instead.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

My First Front Cover and A Circus!

Wow....what a day!Firstly I was rather disappointed to learn I had not been chosen to perform at the London Burlesqe Festival this year. It appears a few other people were shocked that I didnt get chosen either. never mind. Maybe next year?!So once i had got over the slight disappointment I was overjoyed to see that.a particular email with a rather special attachement...I gingerly opened the email:
Ok so I was a tad excited. Some of you may recall from an earlier blog entry I was approached by Alan Moore's people ( alan is the creator of Watchmen and V For Vendetta) to appear in his new magazine Dodgem Logic. So along with friends Luli Blue and Darkteaser I headed to Northampton to be photographed by none other than the AMAZING Mitch Jenkins. He has photographed for the likes of House, Prison Break and Greys Anatomy etc. Well tonight I received the press release with But tonight I have finally received the final cover shot!!

image is copyright of Dodgem Logic and Mitch Jenkins.
But then not only that but my beloved Peski DeVille sent me through the poster for her new show!! I mean wow this girl makes some great images. She has done all the illustrations on my own website: I urge you all to purchase a ticket to what is sure to be a fabulously debauched and awesome time! Feb 13th at the Haygate Pub in Telford. tickets available from

Image copright of Em Eato and Monkeybrand
Mister Joe Black, Mysti Vine and Honey Wilde and others all in one show...eeek sounds like debauchery will reach a whole new level....I cant wait!!! Viva La Sideshow! Get your glad rags on and I will meet ya at the Haygate!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Jet Lag and New Shows

So now that the jet lag has all but been banished...I have launched myself into my burlesque. I have been booking shows furiously and has even been offered a chance to have my own show for a one off event in real theatre! Like BLOODY WOW! The aim is to have the show for March time though specifics still need to be sorted. But watch this space as The Khissing Booth show is coming soon!

I have travels to Ireland yet to sort though I am no yet worried despite it being quite close to the date. I am booked a fair bit but am always on the look out for more bookings. I cant wait to do the video shoot I have been booked for, the downside being that I cant share which band it is with you. Damn secrets.

I better go as to be honest I am in the middle of rehearsing my Dark Before The Dawn act to improve it as much as possible as I have plans to use it in the London Burlesque Festival if they choose me that is.



Thursday, 14 January 2010

Better Video Clip of my 'Dark Before The Dawn' act

Thanks to the multitalented James Thrope, I have a better footage of my new act: Dark Before The Dawn act.

The costume was made exculusively by two very trusted ladies: Corset custom made by Lynn of Vintage Lynndy Loo. Perfection! Bustle and panties custom made by Lucy of Burldoir fame! fabulous!

Enjoy my darlings!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Holiday is almost over

So I have finally less than 24 hrs left in Australia before I board my Etihad flight back to London Heathrow...via Abu Dhabi. Today I spent the day hiking about the rainforest in Minnamurra. Though it was a bit of hardwork (mainly uphill) it was worth it to see the fabulous wildlife and waterfall.

shattered but pleased to have made it!

Anyway so my trip home is going to take 25 hours!!! aaahhh my butt will no doubt go to sleep about 5 minutes into the flight...

Being out here has been pretty awesome personally and professionally. I have been placed as joint (with the FABULOUS Diva Hollywood) 29th top burlesque star of 2009 worldwide, been offered a role in a music video and made a few more bookings for the year. Plus plans to travel to New York and the London Burlesque Festival are afoot...I am also preparing for my trip to Ireland to perform. I cant wait. 

On reflection the last year (2009 duh) has been pretty manic for me in terms of endeavours and achievements. I think I have done really well all things considered. 2010 has lots of things planned for me and I am determined to find out what.




Friday, 8 January 2010

Still in Oz but THANKS

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to all the lovely people who helped vote me to be placed 29th in the top 50 burlesque stars of 2009 (twas a world wide thing too!)

Thank you also to 21st Century Pin Up for running the competition. You can also find a number of my columns on there!

So whilst I am still holidaying etc in the land down under I would like to send you all a cyber kiss from me to say thank you!

Khandie pratting around at dusk on the beach at Coffs Harbour, Australia!