Monday, 29 March 2010

Apologies for going all morose on you, but if you had to pick three songs to be played at your funeral, what they be?

Who let the dogs make my mom laugh...if she outlives me...wait I have no plans to kill her!

um...Okey Kokey to make my mates laugh and dance

and finally Driftwood by Travis because it means alot to my best friend Mikey. Its our song!

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Dita Von Teese, Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn - kiss, marry & avoid?

Kiss Audrey, marry Dita and avoid Marilyn but onyl because I would be tempted to hack off her face and wear it...she was so pretty! Well probably not now considering she has been dead a few years....but you get my point!

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

How do you want to be remembered by the world?

As the crazy lady who made people smile and was actually a nice person. If remembered at all that is.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Friday, 26 March 2010

If you went on Masterchef, what would your signature dish, and would you get some naughty cleavage on the to influence the judging?

I don't cook well and I don't think ordering on a take away is allowed....I wouldn't flash boob though. Maybe a smile n an eye flutter.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Are you going to vote in the forthcoming election, and do you think there will be an impact on the UK's burlesque scene?

I am voting. I don't believe you have the right to moan about the government unless you have done something to change it.
As for an impact on the scene it seems there may be something coming that may challenge it. But as burlesque has been around so long surviving all sorts of things like prohibition I think it'll survive and emerge stronger and more fantastic x

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

What performance discipline would you recommend all burlesque performers learn?

I dont think I am the best person to ask question on performance disciplines....though I have to say that if a performer or performance does not connect with an audience on some level then its a wasted performance....

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Crazy Weekend

WOW what a manic weekend of shows I have had. I swear I have spent more time in the car that out of it lately. I am really tired now but have a wonderful feeling after all gigs and routines went well.

about to head off on the crazy burlesque tour for the weekend...I look like a a Bon Jovi fan from the 80s....

First show was in Bournemouth at the Bourne Beat Hotel which is a wonderfully eccentric place with the walls covered in music memorabilia. I performed there alongside the divine Miss Annie and her Kitty Kats from her Kitty Kat Cabaret Club. Also performing was  Miss Minne La Quimm and Cherry Pop. A lovely audience despite this being their first experience of burlesque. I cant wait to go back for another show. I did manage a little accident after a trod on some broken glass I managed to splice my toe open. It did bleed a fair bit but thanks to the beautiful Momma James (Momma to Starla James) I was patched up so fast.

The morning saw me back at Rubyz my usual haunt in Bournemouth to do a photoshoot with Luke of Hatter Arts Photography. It was a great shoot with the run of Rubyz to play with! We captured some fantastic images. I cant wait to see them.

in the dressing room at the shoot. (rather similar pose to the one above....LOL)

After the shoot I was rather late so was unable to meet my lovely friends Tammy and Jason instead I had to wing it up the motorway to my next gig. I was blown away when I arrived. I mean it was like I was transported back to WW2 Britain...there were vintage flags everywhere with adorable bunting...there was red, white and blue everywhere from flags to napkins. Even the dj had a fantastic set up with all his modern equipment was hidden in vintage cases. He played some fantastic tunes. His name was Michael and he was adorable! Please check out his website as he is an absolute treasure!

I took/editted this image of him.

I also shared the bill with a number of other performers such as some dancers but one rather special lady who I was rather nervous to meet as I am a huge fan of her....LOLA LAMOUR!!!!

My rather dodgy head shot to gat on the stage with my 'Baby of the Blitz' routine.

Not only was she lovely and a great singer but so is her lovely husband who even was kind enough to help me with my staging. I was so very grateful.

The stage...wonderful!

Anyway I headed back to London (home) rather late and incredibly tired. I would have loved a lie in but had to head to Winsor in the morning to do another gig for birthday party...a nice gig with a lovely audience. I had every intention of finally heading home for a much earned rest but instead was 'conned' (bribed with the prospect of sushi after) to go to The British Leisure show with a friend. It was a rather nice show with lots of outdoorsy things but I was too busy looking at all the cute dogs that were being walked about. So many cutie pies from alsations to pugs and bulldogs to whippets. I did spy some funky tents for my festival antics this year. Anyone for Latitude I am going as a spectator. CAMP KHANDIE!!! LOL

Anyway thats the weekend done.

Off to de-glitter and de-boufant the barnet.


Thursday, 18 March 2010

Do you categorise your acts into "classic", "comic" etc? Do you consciously create acts to fit a certain type e.g. acts that you see being more appropriate for corporate work?

I am not sure if I have consciously create more corporate friendly acts but I have started to create some more glamorous acts such as my new one 'dark before the dawn'.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

In A Flash

So I am off to Bournemouth to perform this Friday, photoshoot on Saturday and another show! To be honest I have packed so much stuff I am worried my vomit comet (my car) wont be able to move. She barely makes 60 as it is and thats even going down hill with the wind behind her. I love her dearly though even if the glitter has now become so ingrained I have no idea what colour the seats were. I believe leopard print...though I could be wrong as there is green, purple, silver and white glitter going on in there now.

I was supposed to be performing at Proud Cabaret but oddly they cancelled the whole night performance wise. Not sure of the reason but both Honey Wilde and Bambury Cross as well as I were ratehr confused and proverbially (or int he case of Honey and Bambury) left out in the cold.

I fortunately has another private gig in Richmond which was a nice relaxing affair. The location was a rather swanky private residence and as much as I would love to post images I refrained from taking any as well lets face is someone's home.  Rather grown up decision that I am impressed with. I wish I could share with you the STUNNING chandelier that adorned my changing room...I say room but it was more like a whole flat. it was gigantic!

So this weekend is proving to be action packed which is going to lovely as always.

I will post a blog about in due course.

Take care.

PS anyone going to the home show this weekend?

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

What is your sexiest piece of clothing?

my kermit the frog pjs.

I have no idea. I guess sexiness is something you project as opposed to wear though my latex lingerie is pretty smokin! LOL

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

What do you do when you're having a bad day?

I put on my kermit pjs and dance on my bed doing bad air guitar to bad 80s power ballards!

thats or go for a run and shout.

I have been known to drive to specific field and scream!

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Do you think there's been an increase in newer performers stealing acts from more established performers? How do you think this affects the burlesque scene as a whole?

I have to admit I am not sure if they are 'stealing' acts or simply not researching acts? Its rather shocking that even when told some just dont care. I think sometimes the etiquette has been lost especially with performes who are just starting out.

If the 'stealing' continues people will become disillusioned with the scene. Who is going to booke established performers with honed acts when a newbie can do an attempt at it for much less money! That said promoters and bookers should do their research as well to make sure they arent booking the dodgey ones LOL

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Where do you get your energy from?

Um...I honestly have no idea. I suppose the whole adrenaline thing may be a factor. I dont drink alcohol before or during a show so its not that. I dont take anything either.

Ask me anything

How hard do you find breaking the London scene?

I have found it hard to break the 'London scene' as such. I have wored very hard to get where I am with it as whilst I am headlining outside of London alot I rarely headline in London. This used to upset me and frustrate me but then compared to alot of performers out there I dont compete. I have found my niche though and throughly enjoy when and where I perform in London though.

This year's 'to-do' list is to headline a top London venue. No worries if I dont its always good to have something to aspire to. Plus like I said I love the smaller more niche venues I perform at so not getting that dream is ok.

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Do you miss the Royal Air Force?

I dont miss the RAF as a whole. I miss aspects of it and friends. Granted I have stayed in touch with a few of them but its hard as they are always moving around/on det etc. Not to mention my own travels. I dont regret joining the RAF but I certainly dont regret making the hard decision to leave it either. Towards the end things got too tough and I had to make a decision. I have never looked back and regretted.

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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Oh I'll say

Would you believe it: I am blogging mid week!? What has the world come to honestly.

I seem to be having quite the week when it comes to bookings I am here there and everywhere over the coming weeks doing all sorts of things though mainly performing.

I am off to Rubyz, in Bournemouth on Saturday to have a photoshoot with the awesome Julie Arthur as I need some promo shots of my new costumes (and some fresh ones of my older costumes). I love Rubyz as its so welcoming there. Aside from running burlesque classes (taught by a former BLUE BELLE girl and burlesque performer, they also bring in performers to host masterclasses in certain techniques and disciplines) cabaret shows are also there with dame Kitty at the helm. and the classes can be found

Lessons at Rubyz...with JANE!

I am also performing on the Friday night with Miss Annie and her Regular Joe band!/event.php?eid=319600838830 Come and see us.

Plus can you believe it but Khandie is going international (again). After the joys of Australia I am excited to announce I will be performing in Canada this year with the lovely Willow Blue at my side.

Anyway this all rather too much for me...posting midweek is surely life on the edge. Ok so maybe not but who cares!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

What is the ideal way to take afternoon tea?

in a cup.

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What are your favourite London stores?

I have a HUGE list. I love the Beyond Retro in Brick Lane (not the one near SoHo), Fabric Warehouse, Glitter and Glisten, Fur Coat No Knickers and House of Harlot.

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We are in a party of adventurers a la Lord of The Rings, saving a fantasy world from the evil forces of anti-cabaret... what is your role in this quest?

My role would be to add humour. I feel my strength would be in adding a little comedy at the darkest moments and randomly springing into song n dance at the most inappropriate times.

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Monday, 8 March 2010

Up Bolton Way

So this week culminated in a mad dash up north to perform at Willow Blue's fantastic night at the town hall of Peter Kay land (Bolton). Surrounded by huge marble busts of long dead dignitaries myself long with Joe Black, Bella Besame, Duke Wayward, Pinny Lace etc tasseled, teased and caused havoc. It was a good night and a great venue. Our rather impromptu singalong at midnight in the town square was just as memorable. We even formed a burlesque car convoy as we all trooped off to chateaux Blue house.

I have to say the mad antics of Joe Black and I kept me amused most of the night. The man is a legend in the making and I adore him.

Joe pratting around with my top hat....

If he wasnt abusing my props he was treating us to an impromtu fan dance....

He is a funnny boy. I have to admit though it was his 'how not to fance dance' that I preferred.

Anyway we all had a great time......

But sadly I had to do the manic drive back to London...some 4 hours. My ass was so numb by the end of it I thought I would never get feeling back. I had another performance in London which though was a more subdued affair was rather nice none the less especially after the drive and the manic antics of the previous night.

Sunday was spent arranging and sorting my future plans plus designing  a new costume AND arranging a new rehearsal room. I even managed to squeeze in a wee trip to Oxford to try out my latest photogrpahy skills (I am attempting rather poorly to do HDR photos)...anyway I am sure I will be vain enough in due course to post any images I deem acceptable on this little blog here.

You may notice some changes happening at Khandie Khisses HQ soon such as tweaked website...a few new photos and not to mention the acting session I have coming up...oooh I say!

Now whilst this week was meant to be a week of tranquility I seem to have booked myself a few more gigs...some in London so thankfully the travelling wont be too much. I am also off to a Christening (hope I dont burn on entering the church) on Sunday which will be nice.

Anyway enough poor constructed rambling.



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If you were a My Little Pony, of what would you smell, what colour would you be and what would you have on your ass?

I would be leopard print with a broken heart tattooed on my ass. I would smell like sailor jerry and rock hard.

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Sunday, 7 March 2010

If you were to appear on Mastermind what would be your specialist subject?

the contents of my pants drawer. Its about the only thing I know everything about.

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Monday, 1 March 2010

Twas In Portsmouth

Well I am officially pooped out after this weekend...oh wait I dont mean that I was on the toilet all weekend...because well that would be a rather odd way to spend my time off.

The week passed with some excitement as I received an email inviting me to perform in the USA in the near future. I would love to tell ya'll more but at the moment its in the awaiting further details bit. Plus I had a radio interview which mainly revolved around me being chaos in the studio.

I did perform this weekend in lovely naval town of Portsmouth for the Kissy Kat burlesque show arranged by the stunning Willow Blue. She has even booked me to perform up north in Bolton for her. I cant wait.

bad photo of me about to do my Dark Before The Dawn act.

Duke Wayward got attacked by the rampant rabbit....

Anyway I had a great time with the gang...Joe Back, Belle Besame, Duke Wayward, Coco Malone, Vie O'Lette and the wonderful maid that who is Jackie. There were loads of lovely ladies and gents who helped us out on the night. Mama Black was an absolute treasure.

I had to drive back though after the show instead of party at Mama Black's house which I was a bit disappointed in but hey ho thats the way it goes it sometimes. Sunday was spent rather quietly with another radio interview and a fabulous champagne breakfast.

I did manage to squeeze in some shopping...and I got myself one fabulous present: a 1960s TLR camera. IT IS STUNNING!! So I am off to spend some time practising and pratting around with it this week. I have plans to attend the Point of View at the British Library before its closes on Sunday. Its about a photography through the 19th century...i havent had time until now to go and see it.

right I have to bed....damn it.