Saturday, 26 December 2009

Arrived...Christmas Australia Style

Thankfully my parents have a pretty good internet connection so I should be able to update this site pretty regularly. I have been here about 3 days and each one has been awesome. Jetlag has nearly gone though I am rather shattered even now despite the early nights.

The flight over was pretty uneventful despite someone being removed from the flight at Abu Dhabi and my butt going numb about 2 hrs into the 14 hour leg of the flight to Australia. I arrived in Sydney to wall of gorgeous heat which was stark contrast to the miserable icy cold of London I had left behind some 24 hours ago.

As soon as I had unpacked I headed into the local surfer town Cronulla. I tucked into some food that tasted delicious in comparison to the microwave tat I had eaten on the airplane. But the jetlag soon set in and I was to bed so quick I barely registered the day.

The next day was Christmas and I had an absolute blast. My dad dressed up as Santa Claus and we all ate bbq'd snapper fish instead of the usual customary over dry turkey!

Cooking Xmas dinner Aussie style!

Christmas Parental style...god help me!

We even went to the beach and pratted around in the sun. Was odd to see it so busy considering it was Christmas day. Perhaps everyone else had the same idea as us (walk off the food we had stuffed ourselves with)

With the Parental Units at the beach!

Boxing day saw a visit to Botany Bay which was where Captain Cook first landed in Australia. It was really pretty there though the weather was slightly drizzly but was no where near as cold as the UK is! I heard it was -1 Boxing day! eeek!

Ode to some fabulous friends on Botany Bay beach!

Anyway after some cliff top walking (bloody high up) and some wildlife encounters at the Royal National Park I was more than happy to head home as to be honest I am EXHAUSTED!

Tomorrow is the wildlife park..cant wait!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A Special Thank You!

Sorry...I know I said I probably wouldnt be able to post for a wee while but I couldnt help but post a few iamges I received last night. One of them really struck a chord with me. This year has had its ups and downs for my both personally and professionally but this single image really made me see how much happiness burlesque brings me. A special thank you and a Khandie Khiss goes to the photographer James Thrope for capturing the image. Thank you. I really mean a wee thanks to Alan Moore for hiring me to perform at his Dodgem Logic magazine launch where the image was captured.

The image that made me realise. Copyright James Thorpe

I have a few other images from the launch that are also from James that made me smile for all sorts of reasons...mainly because I am a muppet in them! But I HAD to share them!

Darkteaser, John and I being...well special.

Anna and I abusing a banana....yes...FREAKS

Bendy KK...thanks to oodles of physio and pilates!

Glamour girl! LOL

Anyway adieu and I will see you after I get back from Australia in January.



Monday, 21 December 2009

Vivid Soda and Beyond

WOW what a crazy weekend. From skidding in my car on the ice in Aylesbury to meet a inspirational lady.

Despite the heavy snowfall and dodgy driving conditions I journeyed  to Aylesbury to see a close friend and work. The work was ok...less said the better to be honest. Admittedly most of my Aylesbury trip was spent drinking Champagne Sangria and rehearsing my newest act to debut at Vivid Soda on the Sunday. To say I was bricking it would be an understatement. I was however put at easy after seeing the new custom corset design and created exclusively for me by Lynn of Vintage Lynndy Loo. It a creation to be hold. With the added splendour of my beautiful star encrusted bustle and panties from Lucy at Burldoir  I knew the act would be beautiful visually even if anything went wrong.

Champagne Sangria...made by me!

Vivid Soda is a show I have done a few times and have always performed to a great crowd and this night was no different. Each performer bought something new and exciting: Banbury Cross was her ever beautiful self performing a near nude fan dance and her champagne striptease; there was my beautiful bellydancer Luli Blue  who performed a belly dance and a clock work doll act (FABULOUS!); there was the stunning Fifi Fatale who wowed the crowd with both routines: a strip tease and a beautiful art deco inspired routine; Warren Speed entertained as both Charlie Chaplin and then in a double act with the gorgeous, stunning Kiki Kaboom to perform a chav act to end all shows! It bought the house down! Plus a local lady making her debut! She went down very well amongst the crowd. I have to admit I forgot her full name but it does translate as Madam Naughty. Tee hee! Oh and there was me!

Whilst the show was fabulous to say the least and James Thorpe captured some fantastic images of us was two particular audience members who stole my heart for the night. I wont spill names due to reasons that will be clear. Both were clearly in love with one another but it wasnt that that made my heart break. The woman informed me she had breast cancer. I was shell shocked to say the least I mean she looked healthy and vibrant...ok so not all people are sick, pale and withering but she seemed genuinely chuffed with life...she was smiling as she FINALLY gets to have massive breasts! (LOL her words!) she was excited that after the surgery she could have implants. Her sunny outlook on the whole situation made me realise this disease isnt all doom and gloom and has some positive outcomes....for her at least. Her husband seemed immensely proud of her.... I nearly cried like a soppy bugger especially when I learnt he was off to Afghanistan soon. So instead of snotting everywhere we danced and posed for photos together.

Copyright James Thorpe

A truelly fantastic weekend of all sorts of reasons.

Anyway....this may be my last blog for a while for tomorrow I board a plane to Australia to visit my family do some sightseeing and some work things...cant wait! I may be able to get online though for a bit....



Friday, 18 December 2009

Lovely Suprise

Sometime ago I worked with a rather talented and vibrant photographer going by the name Felicity Fatale. Well that name may seem odd for photogrpaher but this lady is also a very accomplished model. Her art nude work is some of the best I have seen in a long while.

Anyway I received some fabulous iamges back that were really different for me and something I would love to do again (hint hint F!).Then recently whilst updating my twitter status (with some garbage no less) I noticed a link Felicity had posted. LOW AND BEHOLD it was a link to our shoot! well more the blog entry about our shoot!

So here is a link to the shoot blog she wrote:

Very flattering article about me I thought!

You should really check out her profile her images of male models are rather stunning.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Ok so this time next week I will boarding my plane to Australia. To say I am excited would be a very BIG understatement. I cant wait. Not only to I get to see my parents who immigrated to Sydney this year but I also get to perform. I cant wait to show my photos off. I will attempt to blog though unsure if I can as I will be uber busy.

Anyway this week I have had the dreaded nasty nasty I had to spend a few days in bed snotting and wallowing in self pity. God I hate that. Anyway I pretty much back to health though have a slightly husky voice.

I performed at the lovely Frank Sanazi's White Christmas show, Dirty Dicks, Liverpool Street. Was a great night and I met some lovely people. Frank is hysterical so if you get a chance to watch his show you really should. The Blondes De Amour who invited me to perform are quite possibly the cutest buttons in burlesque. So yummy and scrummy. The sad thing was that I left pretty much after my performance as the flu still hadnt gone away.

Khandie as Bad Ass Alice!

Anyway I went off to party to celebrate my lovely friend Rae-Rae's birthday.She looked so pretty and pregnant as she is due to give birth in February. She is going to make one yummy mummy. The night was pretty fabulous...especially when my friend donned on my shoes and made himself up to look like a very rough lady. Though the antics of Rob didnt stop there...he somehow managed to rip the flat screen TV off the wall and squash a gramaphone. All by accident but none the less hysterical.

Rob n I slightly merry giggling on the floor.

Anyway I had better go as I have to rehearse my newest act. I am hoping the bits I need arrive tomorrow so I can finish the routine. I am so nervous aboout debuting this act as unlike my others this one is to classical music and is fundamentally a classical burlesque act. AAAHHHH FISH OUT OF WATER SPRINGS TO MIND. Lets hope those dance lessons pay off. That said I am enjoying pushing myself to try something new.

ciao for now!


Thursday, 10 December 2009


Not Long Now

This rather dodgely taken photo was to show that it not long until my Australia trip...about 12 days to be precise. Oh yeah!

Anyway I shouldnt gloat as it seems a decade since I went on holiday and alot of people cant afford to go away.

I am so excited as I land in Sydney 24th Dec which means I get to spend Christmas day with my folks...well sort of as I have a suspicion I may have jet lag and thus be sleeping most of it.


Monday, 7 December 2009

Clean Up!

Just a few things from the last couple of days that I forgot to mention.

I danced in the window of Nikita Sablier to mark her one year anniversary

Marie and I in the window...I am a dork.

Also I appear to be on a Christmas card! Lucy (my beloved costume designer from Burldoir) sent me one. was a nice suprise.

the Xmas card! tee hee

I was also given a picture inspired by me from the lovely Petal from Dixie Doll tattoo boobs are pretty cool! LOL

Ahh bless!

I had to share this photo also...I like the way I look almost elegant...and I think I must have lost weight as I look slimmer since I last checked.....

Sunday, 6 December 2009

WOWZER of a week

I have had a great week, especially the weekend. One highlight has to be my two performances for the Puppini Sisters' Christmas Show in Poole. I was there to perform along side GREAT mates from Rubyz. There was the great Annie of Burlesque or Bust and Light n Shade fame, the Kitty Kat Cabaret and the Darlings Divine academy. The Puppini Sisters were so very lovely.  They graciously signed autographed and posed for what seemed to be endless photos.

Me with the Puppini Sisters.

I should say I am rather underdressed here but I love my Voodoo Kitten 13 top and Amber Sweet hair flower! Starla James    , Matt (of Frankenstein Pictures) and Starla's mom came to the show. I could hear them cheering even before I got on stage. Tammy 'Dixie Doll' Bailey, Jason (Mr Bailey), Sarah and Mark also came along.

Light n Shade with the Puppinis

It was a really good night and I had a great time performing. I even performed an act I had literally created on the night after Annie called needing a 2nd act short notice. I turned the car around (bearing in mind I was 20 mins away from the venue at the time) and grabbed a costume. Annie somehow convinced me I could come up with an act to Etta James' At Last song so to be in keeping of the 40s theme for the night. I feel i managed to pull it off....just...LOL

Performing at the Puppini gig.

I performed the new act and my beloved Baby of the Blitz. I did cause a bit of drama by leaping over the barrier to perform amongst the audience.

Saturday saw me in the most loveliest barber shop ever. Jason Bailey is Southbourne based barber with a difference. Not only does he make a mean cup of coffee at his mini coffee bar in shop, but dressed head to toe in tweed he cuts a mean hair do too. Below the barber shop is the lovely Dixie Doll tattoo parlour where the lovely Tammy (Jason's wifey) and Petal work!

Because it was the lovely Bailey's wedding anniversary we all went out to dinner. Jason entertained us with a rather witty and slightly naughtt anecdote about the waitress who served us. I darent repeat it but it was rather funny. Tempest (GREAT NAME!) kept us entertained with her drawings and games...i think she gets her cracking personality from her parents. I love Tempest. She drew me loads of pictures. All of which I have plans to put up in my office.

Sunday I compered and told a few funnies at the What Katie Did christmas party. Richard one of the brains behind the company had previously bid and won me at the Help the Heroes charity auction and tasked me to do this little job in return. It was an absolute pleasure to do so. I met some lovely people: Slinky Sparkles, Polly Rae, Fleur De Guerre, Emma Threadneedle and loads of others. Slinky performed a lovely striptease while a Mr P played the saw. Now if you havent ever seen this before I suggest you do. The sound emitted is one of an eerie quality but no less beautiful. Who would have thought it?!

Anyway next week is gearing up to be another manic one! So will keep ya'll posted!

Friday, 4 December 2009

Twas the night before....

Ok so its 1.36am on Sunday morning and I cant sleep still. I mean I am packed and already to go...even managed to put a few more rhinestones on frilly pants...but the thought of performing to a sell out crowd at the Puppini Sister's gig has been keeping me awake. GOD I NEED TO SLEEP!!!

Anyway the suitcase is packed, my nail are painted and my hair is in curlers (fingers crossed it all holds!). I am performing my Baby of The Blitz routine which is one of my favourite to perform as its so cutesy...

Right I am off to bed...and attempt to sleep. Will blog later (probably Sunday)