Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Weekend A La Khandie

So ok today is only Thursday but I am already excited about the weekend. For once I am only performing one night only rather than the usual three times (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)! Which I have to say is rather tiring especially if I have a show or photoshoot in the week.
So Friday I am off to a club that I cant really tell you about...not that its a naughty club but its the kind of club that is run like a prohibition club night. I will be there dancing and jiving with like minded people.

aaah....Saturday is I will be spending the day sleeping (recovering from Friday) and then will be attending a friend's party before heading into London for the Southwark Playhouse Halloween Party where I am performing two acts...Cant wait!! It looks to be a fabulous night.

Then Sunday I am off to the British Museum for DAY OF THE DEAD! yeah! See you there!




Monday, 26 October 2009

Oh Dear! Shopping Again!

Ok so having resolved myself to the fact that I cant spend too much money over the next coming months in prep for my trip to Australia over Christmas/New Year to see the parental units (and the odd performance and modelling assignment) I couldnt resist myself when I heard Nikita Sablier had new stock in!

You see when there is new stock it is rarely in the shop as it usually flies out. Nikki (the shop owner/model/make up artist/stylist/goddess) knows just what we pinup princess and burlesque beauties want and gets it in. Now whilst you can order in items she doesnt have the stock (which is bloody marvellous if you ask me) she has so many awesome dresses, corsets, lingerie and dont get me started on the hand bags, tassels and fascinators!

She even has a jukebox playing 40s/50s/swing/jazz/rockabilly tunes. I am forever dancing to it which bemuses the fellow customers I am sure...It makes me want to get one for my living room...oh dear I can hear my bank manager scream already LOL.

I almost bought the window display outfit which was a lovely Bettie Page Clothing high waisted braced skirt and blouse. I took a picture as I loved it so much...I may go back an purchase it.

So I gave in and bought myself a a Bettie Page Clothing sailor dress with a pencil skirt as opposed to the flared skirt. I am going to wear it on Wednesday to the Creative Networking Meeting she has organised there.

Anyway go see her shop.  Its on the 1st floor of Kingly Court, off Carnaby street, London.




Thursday, 22 October 2009


I dont know how many times I have injured myself during performances. Now if you have seen any of my routines most are energetic and quite 'involved'. I warm before each show and attend yoga/pilates classes to keep flexiable. But its not the muscles that get hurt or injured. 9 times out of 10 it is that I cut my feet. I dont mean a little cut either. Take last night...I currently have a nice 'hole' in my foot where some glass got caught in it. Pure accident but bloody hell it hurt. Thankfully another performer helped me bandage it so I could hobble off home. I have no idea how I manage to damage my feet so much....perhaps my floor antics need to be removed from my routines....ah well! Probably not!




Friday, 16 October 2009

Its Up!

My newest column for 21st Century Pinup is up and available to read. Go on and have a gander. You know you want to. There a few other examples of my columns there plus loads of other tasty information and articles on the burlesque world!




Thursday, 15 October 2009

In A Theatre

It would appear that I am back at the Southwark Playhouse again tonight...and Halloween. I must have made a good impression as they booked me pretty quick after my first show with them. I am very excited about performing there again. If you havent been then you really should pop down. I love the vault best of all, they even arrange film shows down there. I am thinking about hiring the place for my birthday next year. Could be a good day what with the spooky atmosphere and great bar prices (which lets face it always helps).

So tonight I am at the theatre taking part in the Secrets side of the show. I cant wait. Anyway better get back to the old rehearsals. I am excited to be doing my Gorilla You Do Voodoo act and my Rabbit Poison one.


Khandie Khisses



Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Burlesque Against Breast Cancer - Dirty Dicks, Bishopsgate, London 21st Oct


How the devil are we all? Just thought I would drop you all a quick reminder that yours truly along with other beevies of burlesque beauties will be performing in support of Macmillian Cancer Support

Follow Link

Anyway come along and have a giggle. Remember to donate generously as statistically one in three of us will get cancer at some point in our lives apparently. Some of us have been touched by it already and some have yet to be. The least we can do is help those who are suffering and make life a little easier.




Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Burlesque Down Under

So my trip to Oz (Sydney and Melbourne to be precise) is looming and I can't wait. I have plans to shop like a crazy lady at all the corset/pinup shops and see as much Australian burlesque as possible. My own board treading is in Melbourne but more of that nearer the time.I feel sorry my poor folks who I am supposed to be visiting following their recent immigiration....I mean they are gonna have to be dragged along to the shows. Though I am sure they won't mind. They like them. I think my folks are my biggest fans, my mom is forever talking about her burlesque daughter.
Anyway I am going to have to speak to the lovely Jac Bowie ( to see what shows are on.

Burlesque appears to be a universal language LOL I can't think of a  country that doesn't have it.


Monday, 12 October 2009

Burlesque War

So this is me on my way home on a rather lovely Virgin train (first class oh la la) on my way home from a fabulous burlesque war: cold war burlesque (
 Among the fabulous sponsors was my dear friend Peski DeVille who owns Missy Changos ( and MonkeyBrand. Her performance of a Russian Bride was hilarious.
There were so many great performers I will list them all once I checked spelling (Burlesque names have some funny spelling not least mine). Candee Handful and Honey Wilde had me in fits of giggles with their acts from Thatcher to Adam Ant what more could you want from a night?!

Whilst the Russian side defeated the British it was lovely to lose to such a talented lot.

My fab moment for the night was the sound of the audience chanting my name. I was so taken back by it. You lot certainly know how to make a burlesque girl feel proud. Thank you.

So until next time Birmingham!

Thanks to all involved in Cold War Burlesque!




Friday, 9 October 2009

Burlesque Drought?

Have you had no burlesque news for far too long?
Do you need to know where the latest burlesque shows are?
Do you crave burlesque news and knowledge?
Two sites that may help you are and
There are others but these are pretty fabulous
Khisses sweeter than khandie.

I was once a blogger more!

I didnt realise that blogging was really so popular as it appears to be. I mean I often sit and yabber on to my friends about what I get up to but it appears the whole world is interested in what we all do!

Anyway I could make one of those bogus promises to religiously update this blog all the time but somehow I am not so sure I will. So... I do hereby promise to update as and when the feeling takes me!

See now thats a good oath.

Well I am a busy rabbit (tip the cap to my Rabbit Poision act check out my youtube channel for a bad video of it

I have a show tonight at 93 brick Lane, London for Burlesque & Bass. its a night to help raise money for a student film production. Looks like it is going to be a great night actually.

Then I am off to Birmingham to defend the British in Cold War Burlesque. ( I have to say I am rather excited about this one too. A cracking idea for a show!

Then Monday is a modelling shoot...then Wednesday is Burlesque Against Breast Cancer, Dirty Dicks, Liverpool Stn, London.


Anyway some good news at the Khisses headquarters: The website is relaunched!!!!


GO AND CHECK IT OUT. There are still some areas that need updating but the foundations are there. The lovely Monkeybrand AKA Em Eat aka Peski DeVille done it for me!!!