Monday, 30 November 2009

Epic! Sort Of

So for those you may have read the previous post (if you havent...crack on!) I had a bit of a marathon mini tour of England.

Firstly I went from London to Preston, then Preston to Northampton, then Northampton to Exeter, then Exeter to Torquay, Tourquay to Plymouth and finally Plymouth to London and then home.

MANIC. National rail got practically all the way which was lovely to be able to snooze on the train between performances. No smelly BO infested person sat next to me either which was lovely though mildly/oddly disappointing. Have had this been a regular occurnace for me whenever I go by train I felt somehow ripped off for my ticket when I didnt get one.

So one highlight for me was performing for the legendary Alan Moore (of V for Vendetta and Watchmen amongst others fame.). He is lauching a new magazine called Dodgem Logic. GO BUY A COPY! Its awesome!!!!

Alan takes to the stage

I was rather star struck by it all. Darkteaser, Luli Blue, Nicole A Lure and myself tasselled and twirled our ways through the shows. It was lovely to be back with old friends and enjoy ourselves. Special mention to James and Anna Thrope, Tamsyn Payne and Joe Brown for looking after us all. By the way Nicole is behind the Hourglass photographic company. A lovely present for any lady!

Exeter was another personal highlight as I got to see the multi-talented couple The Bells AKA Kinky and Quirky Burlesque N Boogie. Mark and Sarah have managed to create one hell of a burlesque night out in a town that had never seen burlesque before. People come from all over to watch their shows. I spoke to people from Canterbury and Cardiff who had come to see the show. I perfomed along side the rather ravishing Soup De Jour (her cat act is amazingly fabulous) and the ever magnetic Equador the Wizard (GO SEE THIS MAN PERFORM!) He bought the house down with his final act and I HIGHLY recommend you go see him! Mark Bell is also a talented artist. His work is very highly admired and so much so I am looking to purchase a painting myself.

my new costume...back stage at Kinky and Quirky.

As Kinky and Quirky is based in my home town I often feel odd coming back but Mark and Sarah make you feel so welcome its fantastic to be there. I adore performing at their shows and cant wait to go back.

with the lovely Soup De Jour!

Plymouth saw me staying in a cold but still pleasant enough hotel as I was performing at Annabels. Admitedly I was nervous as I had never performed there before but needn't have bothered to be.

A cracking band (the Faux Fur Full)  was playing some pretty rocking tunes very Big Voodoo Daddies sounding though they covered alot of similar band songs. Though there was no specific stage to perfom on Annabel (owner and name sake) managed to clear a space in front of the band for myself and two new performers  (Midnight Caller and Midnight Iris). The crowd were lovely even though some were rather drunk. I loved all the gold mirrors and chequered flooring. Andy who helpt to run the club was so cute! He danced backstage with us girls...proper snake hips going on. Annabel was nice too. She runs a tight ship which was good to see.

Anyway before long I was back in London and in Nikita Sablier dancing in her shop window to celebrate her one year annviersary of the shop opening!



Khandie Licks!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Manic Couple of weeks!

Phone picture of me at the shoot....LOVE THE HAIR AND MAKE UP!

Well its been manic to say the least. From a rather sad and devastating personal crisis to the madness of a friggin AWESOME shoot with Mitch Jenkins (WOWOWOWOWOW) I have been busy.

a rather stern picture of me at the photoshoot.

The start of the week saw me hanging out in my favourite boutique (yes you guessed it Nikita Sablier in Kingly Court, off Carnaby St). It was the Grazia magazine 20% off day so I popped down to help Nikki out. With my lovely friend Glory Pearl in tow we mingled and mooched and basically encouraged people to buy. And buy they did.

Khandie and the girls!

The talented Maria even gave mini makeovers and demos to the customers which was a lovely idea. One that myself, Lola Cherry and Glory took full advantage of! Nikita even lent us all dresses to wear so we looked extra not that kind of special!

The lovely Glory Pearl being pampered by Maria.

Myself and the lovely Marie

Even the world's sexiest librarian showed up to purchase a garment (Rhiannon!) Mind you she is probably one of the shop's best customers....after me of course!

Squeeze in.

In my rather lovely lingerie from Nikita Sablier at the Mitch Jenkins shoot.

I had such a great shoot with the very talented Mitch Jenkins
 and his creative team. I mean it was a chance of lifetime as far as I am concerned. I learnt so much and was able to be my quirky self as he seemed to like that...LOL What was nice was getting share it with my burlesque babe mates Luli Blue and Darkteaser. We pretty much caused havoc and mischief all day long.

Myself and the fabulous Luli Blue rocking out backstage at the photoshoot.

 I don't mean the usual 'busy' I mean the busy that's too little time to eat sleep or even wee kinda busy! And what's more it appears as though the next few weeks are going to be the same. I am going to be in Northampton, Preston, Exeter (home town YEAH!), Plymouth and then back to London for more shows and appearances than I care to think about. Northampton should be a good one as I am performing at the magazine launch for Dodgem Logic which is a new underground magazine fronted by the multi talented Alan Moore. So....SQUEAL!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Aahhh Bliss!

So yours truly has had a fun weekend which has been somewhat relaxing. After a rather lovely evening at the beatiful boutique that is Nikita Sablier, I somehow (yeah right) came away with a new dress and corset. Purchased with love and care might I add! The corset is for my Moon Dance act which shall be debuted (fingers crossed) this weekend in Bournemouth at a private party. Its from Angels Carrying Savage Weapons and is a beautiful blue. I also purchased an 8 strap suspender belt and a new Bettie Page Clothing dress.

So having spent a night frantically sewing my new costume, rhinestoning and rehearsing I needed a day of relaxation. Just as though my fairy godmother had been listening I was asked to go away for a weekend of nothingness. I grabbed it with both hands and ran off to pack!

Now this trip also tied in well with seeing some venues for a new venture of mine. More news will follow. So anyway one photoshoot was arranged for the Saturday so after that I was free to enjoy my weekend. I loved it!

I even met up with fellow burlesque darling Delilah Dufoe at Leigh on Sea and indulged in seafood and sandcastles. I even took some pictures of her with my new Nikon D90 camera I treated myself to!

So after a relaxing weekend I am back and refreshed to see Avenue Q this evening and get rehearsing and organising!



Monday, 9 November 2009

New Act...New Style...New Hair

It would appear that I have done an 'about turn' on my burlesque style; at least for the moment. I am taking on a new act with another in the pipeline which is quite removed from my usual style. I am looking at a more stylised, glamorous appeal with these acts. I am even getting the old sewing machine out to make a few pieces of it my self. Anyway wish me luck as some people like think outside the box...I appear to have thrown it away.

PS new hair. Midnight purple fringe n sides with the rest platinum.

Nice...for now.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Train Hell

Blimey! I book a seat on a train and some snotty suit is sat in it.
Won't move because he's had a hard day...oh bless. BOOK YOUR OWN SEAT
THEN. Don't worry old boy I have a nice gangway I can stand in the whole
way. Just rest your over worked arse in that seat. LOL
Not quit the blog entry I had planned but hey ho. Just for reference my
beloved iPod is dolling out some awesome tunes; usually random selection
brings up cringe worthy numbers I forgot I had (and no I won't shame
myself by naming them).

Oh he's I pop xxx

Sunday, 1 November 2009


Well thats the weekend over. I am bruised and shatted.

Friday night with Mr Sexual (Ricky) at Proud was fabulous. He is such a lovely boy. We watched some cracking burlesque despite the sound and lighting issues at the venue. I think I may have drunken the bar dry...OPPS!

Ricky and I

Saturday I spent a great deal of the morning recovering rather badly. Something to do with the gin shots I fear...though I blame Ricky. It easier blaming him than I.

I had a performance at the fabulous Southwark Playhouse to do in the evening. The Secrets team (if you havent been to one of their shows...GO!) managed to turn the theatre, bar and back area into one huge Halloween party. It reminded me very much of Sleepy Hollow...there were old batter chairs with creepy china dolls, hangman nooses, scarecrows, victoriana inspired artifacts and much much more. I would have loved to have done a shoot there before the party kicked off. Oh well.

I was performing my 'Rabbit Poison' act which went down rather well even if I do say so myself. I lost a purple glove and stocking somewhere along the line but no bother (easily replaced).

Whilst the show was marvellous, my journey home was not. Some man tried to mug me. Whilst he managed rather unsucessfully to relieve me of my bag he did manage to throw me to the floor and punch me. I have no idea why he would want my fan carrier bag. Perhpas he was a budding boylesquer?

Anyway once home I felt much better. Grr!!!

Today (Sunday) I went with the delightful Rhiannon to the British Museum as they had a Day of the Dead event scheduled. I have to say I was mildly disappointed with the lack of exhibitions on the subject but loved the native dancers and parade.

The dancers really got the group going with their brightly coloured dresses and routines. The accompanying band were so adorable!!!
So now I am home and rather tired. But not ready for bed yet as I am working on a new act....a rather special and different act for me. More information will come in due course I promise...but for now it is being kept close to my chest as this is a routine that is very new in style for me.