Monday, 31 May 2010

Yee Har

Ok so modelling is something I do quite regularly. I do love it and not just from a vainity side of things. Its also the people you meet and the locations you end up in. Recently I was taken to a location that even I wasnt quite prepared for. A replica town set in the Wild West. From the saloon to the barbers to the livery each building both inside and out was created with attention to detail. I had to have a run around nosing around all the buildings before I could even think about hair and make up.
My first shoot was in the saloon. It was fantastic as there was everything from a card table to a stove and even a piano. I loved it.
View from the upstairs.

I modelled on the bar a far bit which was lovely as it is made of polished oak and has a huge mirror behind. Rather lovely and seductive. Yummy.

Sat on the bar. Not very lady like mind.

But before long I found myself running around bare foot in rather sexy (yeah right) long johns like a mad woman.

The shoot was awesome and the rain didnt seem to dampen anyones mood. But like all great days the end was too soon and I had to travel home. Bubbles and I were shattered so mooched about on the porch of one building whilst we waited on the packing up to be finished.

Minimal make up and shattered I am far from the glamour girl I am supposed to be. For images from the shoot please check out my gallery.
Right I best go as my boots are covered in mud from the shoot and desperately need cleaning.

if you could travel back in time, which historical figure would you want to meet and why?

I would travel back and meet Jesus to see if all that was in the bible was true about him. If he didnt exist then I would go back and see my grandma as a girl to see if she was just a crazy as she was at the time she died then.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Can I kiss you ?

depends on who you are.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

You have amazing breasts!

Oh...thank you.... :)

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

What is your best feature?

my soul...failing that probably my chest or my smile. I have no idea. To be honest I like all of me.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Are you single?

yes I am. My last relationship ended recently though was a long time coming and I should have dumped his sorry ass sooner.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Ever been in love?

yes. He is still a very important part of my life and i can always depend on him.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Do you love the Stephen Moyer?

I do declare my undying infatuation for the man yes. He is a hot essex boy who is sadly loved up with a wonderful woman. Alas I am destined to be alone. LOL

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Eurgh sum ppl ask horrid questions! Who is your favourite care bear?

i dont know..the lion one sticks out in my mind.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

Friday, 21 May 2010

1st Winner of the Khandie Khisses Inspired Art Work

Ok so as promised…the winner of this month’s Khandie Khisses inspired art is this awesome tattoo on Jason Bailey’s thigh. The tattoo was created by his good lady wife Tammy who runs Dixie Doll Tattoo studio in Southbourne. On a related note Jason owns the vintage styled barber shop above the tattoo parlour….I like it there…they make good coffee!

I love the dedication that Jason has shown and so I will be sending him a present to say thank you!

If you want to be entered in the monthly competition then all you have to do is create a Khandie Khisses inspired piece of artwork (doll, tattoo, painting, photo etc) and email a copy/photo to me at with your name and link plus contact details so I can send you a present.



Please also see my website for more info and gossip and spangly bits!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


And I am not refering to up coming elections which by the way GO VOTE!

What have I gotten myself into?! After a brief moment of overzealousness I appear to have found myself entering the ballot for a chance to run in next years London Marathon. I am a fool. I will die I am sure of it. Well I will if I attempt it in my current state of (un)fitness. So I better get some help and possibly some mental help while I am at it…..

This morning saw me undertaking my first marathon training session. AT 5AM!!! What the crazy is that all about. I swear my trainer (let’s call him Snell for reasons known only to me) wanted to make me cry. I ran and ran…shuttle after shuttle….my dignity was lost through my sweat. So much sweat I resembled a pig in cling film by the end of it. Sexy right?

My next session is Friday when Snell has plans for me to run more shuttles but this time with squats at each end! WHAT!? And to think I am paying for this punishment….self enforced torture. I am a pervert and I didn’t even know it. Send help or someone who looks like me but runs better to give me a break.

I will be gutted if I do all this work and then don’t get the ballot to run. GGRRR but hey I may look more svelte…

On a rather comedic note my sports bra is made by a company called Shock Absorber….feels me with mild amusement as I run with no fear of black eyes.