Sunday, 22 August 2010

Devon Knows Why They Make It So Creamy

Seeing as I seem to have left it sometime before I updated this blog I thought what the hell lets push the boat out and post today…today being the day I managed to finish hauling my arse from London to Bournemouth to Exeter to Torquay to Bournemouth to London….an epic journey. I was occupied most of the way by Eris Eveiller who was a wonderful companion especially as she is just as crazy as me! We were both booked to perform at the fantastic Kinky & Quirky Burlesque n Boogie in Exeter. This show is run by the multi-talented husband and wife duo Sarah and Mark Bell. I have performed for this gorgeous couple a number of times and have loved all of the shows. I was also pleased to be back in the town of my birth Exeter. Though this show as at a new venue I knew it was going to be a friggin cracking time…after all of Kinky and Quirky are involved it always is.  Eris and myself shared the stage with the fantastic VENUS NOIR! I was so impressed with her clown act I couldn’t wait for her to come off stage to congratulate her! I loved the giant horse and the ending! I wont spoil it but you should go see her if you are able to!
Eris and I had so much fun.. the videos below show it…. oops
It wasnt just the show that had us both in fits of giggles it was the journey to and from the venue. From the heavy fog that made us feel like we had drifted onto the se of some 50s b-movie to the random-ness of the sights around us, We spotted an elephant slide that caused its rider to end up sliding into the motorway (great for kids?!), a cow in a dinner jacket and ikea prints for sale at £60 plus frame (bargain).
But sadly before long we were back on the road heading to Bournemouth….I love Bournemouth as I have lots of friends there. One friend has an adorable daughter called Tempest-Rose (GREAT NAME) who decided she wanted to interview me. I obliged obviously. Results are below:
So I am now at home relaxing and unpacking…

Dark Before The Dawn Act - Will Tudor Photography
So off to de-glitter now…oh BTW I am filming on Monday 30th August in Northampton so watch out for me in about that area over the bank holiday weekend.

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