Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A Bit of Pain...A Splash of Fox and Dabble of Stardust.

So Saturday was my first show back after the 'arm incident' that I mean elbow thingy fracture. Clearly that makes more sense....ok maybe not. So knowing that it may be a bit difficult to perform I decided to rest said arm as much as possible....driving was slowly undertaken much to the annoyance of one speeding Peugeot 106 (how can that speed?!) who was desperately trying to get through the traffic as fast as possible. Crazy idiot.

Getting into my costume was fine but the pain hit me no less than 4 seconds into my act. I simply found it impossible to use my right hand feather fan. I had rehearsed and the arm seemed up to it...i wonder if the rehearsals may have been my limit....Undeterred I proceed to perform not one but TWO acts. Though admittedly after the first act I was in near tears mainly from frustration but also at the pathetic situation I had let myself get into. I mean who honestly performs when they are injured like this?! Surely I was going to do more harm than good???

After the show I just releaxed (after downing my painkillers) and spent the rest of the night chatting to audience members and even signing the odd autograph (someone thrust a Dodgem Logic under my nose to sign). I met some uber lovely people which is always good.

Before long I was tucked up in bed with the lovely Mysti Vine (HYSTERICAL LADY) as we were topping and tailing at chateaux Eato that night. Joe Black was keeping us amused with Honey Wilde with his Walton family impressions: good night Mary Ellen etc etc.

By midday Honey and I were in the burly mobile (my appallingly awful star covered suzuki wagon r+) dont laugh but its the only car that would fit my giant top hat in without bending it. Which reminds me I need to get it serviced and my fan belt adjusted...oooohhh how technical was that? Ok not very but I was mildly impressed. Honey and I were momentarily enthralled by the wonders of Telford with their tourist attraction. Well we would have been if we could figure what the hell it was (see pic below) the plaque next to it didnt even say!

What is it?!

Whilst I was in Telford I did pick up a great present from Ms newest addition to the Khisses household: Ernest. Yes I know he is a headless golden dog manniquin thingy but he used to adorn the windows of Tommy Hilfiger boutique! Not sure what head to put on him? Osama? Obama? Thatcher? Bush? Queen?

By Monday though I was back to work...vanilla work that I thought I would share with you what the lads put in my mail slot in the loading bay....buggers!

A bloody fox!

Made me giggle but wasnt pleasant when I first put my hand in and felt the dead bugger! GROSS!

I did however do something that has really perked up my week....I picked up from Burldoir my newest prop for my new act Dark Before The Daawn. This act is taking sometime to put together after I kept changing it....the props are amazing and light feather fans for this act now I have my large stars!

sneaky peeky.....

Anyway I have to go rehearse as I am at Southwark Playhouse this Saturday performing...come along it will be awesome...naturally.



PS Valentines Day was a dud...not one card or pressie. No bother though I spent some pennies on new pretty things.

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Ree Ree Rockette said...

Your star props look fabby. Shame you couldn't make it out with us for Valentines... x