Monday, 1 March 2010

Twas In Portsmouth

Well I am officially pooped out after this weekend...oh wait I dont mean that I was on the toilet all weekend...because well that would be a rather odd way to spend my time off.

The week passed with some excitement as I received an email inviting me to perform in the USA in the near future. I would love to tell ya'll more but at the moment its in the awaiting further details bit. Plus I had a radio interview which mainly revolved around me being chaos in the studio.

I did perform this weekend in lovely naval town of Portsmouth for the Kissy Kat burlesque show arranged by the stunning Willow Blue. She has even booked me to perform up north in Bolton for her. I cant wait.

bad photo of me about to do my Dark Before The Dawn act.

Duke Wayward got attacked by the rampant rabbit....

Anyway I had a great time with the gang...Joe Back, Belle Besame, Duke Wayward, Coco Malone, Vie O'Lette and the wonderful maid that who is Jackie. There were loads of lovely ladies and gents who helped us out on the night. Mama Black was an absolute treasure.

I had to drive back though after the show instead of party at Mama Black's house which I was a bit disappointed in but hey ho thats the way it goes it sometimes. Sunday was spent rather quietly with another radio interview and a fabulous champagne breakfast.

I did manage to squeeze in some shopping...and I got myself one fabulous present: a 1960s TLR camera. IT IS STUNNING!! So I am off to spend some time practising and pratting around with it this week. I have plans to attend the Point of View at the British Library before its closes on Sunday. Its about a photography through the 19th century...i havent had time until now to go and see it.

right I have to bed....damn it.

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