Saturday, 3 July 2010

Leather, Latex and Lashings of Love.

So its has been another manic week or so in the world of Khandie Khisses. I have been once again to my home from home Bournemouth for a motorbike showroom open day. Thats right Khandie was let loose in a room with hundreds of thousands of pounds of custom created bikes and hot rods. I wasnt sure if these people were crazy or had no idea who they had invited down?

I went along as an independent performer though was booked via the sensational vocalist Miss Annie who runs the Kitty Kat Cabaret Club at Rubyz in Bournemouth. I am often in Bournemouth performing there so it was nice to perform with the team again in another venue…and what a venue!!!

Held at Battistinis in Bournemouth at their new show room and what a show room! Lots of sparkly custom built/designed bikes/hotrods and all the accessories you can imagine. I even got to hope on a few bikes to pose n pout. I met some really lovely people and realised that not all bikers are smelly meat heads LOL. Not that I believed that but my mate Neil said that was what most people think when you say biker…I beg to differ. I met some hotties!

Performing there was great as I got a great reaction from the group who roared and hooted like a seasoned lot. It was also lovely as my friends Tammy (aka Dixie Doll), Jason, Mark and Sarah came down…but best of all ickle Tempest Rose came down too! She is adorable and is brilliant which is a testament to the environment Tammy and Jason bring her up in. Mark and Sarah must also have a hand in it me thinks.

Some photos are below for you to gawp at…

This is Tempest-Rose and I after the show watching her mommy perform.

Jason Bailey and I

AAHHH Jason and I…BTW he is a great barber in Southbourne.

Kisses with Tempest-Rose. I bought her the Exile top at the show...cute!

She is adorable and I love the whole family greatly!

Performing Rabbit Poison...Poor Luke (the photographer). He loved it really.

Loved it…can you tell…? I love the tease of it all.

With one of the crowd. He was so cute and rather pleased I perched on his knee....bless

It was a really great day. Tempest and I even stopped traffic posing on the back of a truck…oops though the police even waved and honked their horns at us.

Before long it was time to head home…damn it. Bournemouth is so lovely. I should move there.
The rest of week was spent nailing or at least attempting to nail my two new commissioned acts. GGRR they are my bug bear as I am too involved in the finer details right now on the costuming to see the bigger picture but I know they will be great….FINGERS CROSSED.
In order to bring smiles back to my face I decided to indulge in a rather stupid routine that made me think of rocking out when I was a teen. My Ode To Glam Rock….here have a sneaky peak at the costuming so far:

Feathers? Check! faux fur? check! Latex? check and check again. HELL YEAH!

But that isnt the only new routine I am doing….as well as the comissioned pieces as of this morning I am now doing my Ode to Being Green based on my hero Kermit The Frog…watch this space…oh dear god…a rabbit, a gorilla and now a frog routine..what ever next…dont answer that actually.

Oh and I have some exciting news as of last night that I will share soon. PROMISE! Its all rather exciting.

I have to say I am impressed with my blogging skills as I am on the train to perform at Va Va Voom in Edinburgh…intermittant internet will not deter me…nor the man failing to be discrete about checking out what I am doing on my laptop…

How pale?! But on the plus side the nosey man has gone to the loo so my journey has momentarily improved...tee hee x

Khandie Khisses

PS Keep smiling and rocking out with your Kermit pants…I have bought mine with me to Edinburgh. Will post picture on my twitter I am sure.

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