Wednesday, 21 July 2010

To the Top n Tail of Britain

Good grief I swear I have been up and down this island known as the UK more times than I care to remember. Why cant trains do air miles…ok something similar…I’d have enough to go half way round the world by now. Well probably only Skegness but you know that cant be bad…well it depends on what you think of good old Skeggy really.

Anyway I digress…Edinburgh’s Va Va Voom club was fantastic. Not only did I get to meet the lovely Leyla Rose (bump n grinds like no one I have seen before bar Millie Dollar) but also meet up with the familar faces of Vivica Devine and Scarlett Daggers (n boyfriend). I loved it all! Though sadly an old injury flared up and I ended up cutting my foot open rather nastily. Tis all ok…it is healing well.
Us on stage after Va Va Voom!

Before long though I was back on the old train and heading to London. Sad to leave Edinburgh as it was a lovely city. I even got to spend sometime on a roof terrace talking smut with Dee (organiser of Va Va Voom) and her wonderful friends. They made me laugh so much!
I had some down time the week after Edinburgh so put it to good use by throwing myself into rehearsals I was somewhat inspired by Leyla Rose and Scarlett Daggers performances so decided to turn my new act in the making up a few notches. So far its going well and is a real change of direction for me as I am working on keep it classy and traditional and…wait for it….slow! WHAT?! I hear you cry! Khandie being all elegant n stuff never! Well its true I am trying it out. I have even made the costume myself which is rare in itself. The corset was kindly donated but approx 90% of it was made from items I already owned!
The making of the costume

The nearly completed outfit....nearly....

I am working very hard on this act and have drawn on all sorts of inspiration.

10th July saw me in the Birmingham area….and temptation go the better of me…I went and finally got the tattoo I had been planning for ages done. I went to see the same guy who did my first tattoo: Lord Garth Cole-Jones. Sadly he has since left his previous studio but I was quick to find him at tattoodles nearby. After a quick (!) almost painfree two hour session my tattoo was half done…I have to go back for more colouring at a later date…thinking end of August.

It was great to share the stage with the likes of Red Sarah (huge fan…and I was a complete dork when she met me…all fubbly and what not) and Millie Dollar (love her). But the star of the night for me was the fantastically hysterical Tempest Devyne. She had only just flown back from Arizona so must have been suffering from jet lag though didnt show it. Her act based on jessie from Toy Story was inspired to say the least. I love what she did and the standing ovation from the audience showed it was not just me who was impressed. Well done lassie! I think I will have to fly out to Arizona to see her as soon as I am able to…

Anyway before long I was back in Dorset county and mucking about with fabulous mates: Jason, Mark, Sarah, Tammy and my favourite ickle person Tempest-Rose. She always makes me smile. I took Momma Khisses over to meet the gang as she was visiting for a few days from the land of Oz (Australia not Oz with ruby slippers…mores the pity) We had loads of fun mucking around in the shop. I love the decor and the service you get there. Like I said to Jason…you dont just get a hair cut here…its an experience in itself…smart marketing me thinks…

We all trooped off for the night to Rubyz to loiter at the Birdcage (the downstairs bar) to have an ‘Evening with Kitty’. Tammy even belted out a great number. I was uber proud of her as I had no idea she could sing! We dragged my friend Trefor along for giggles…though I am not sure if he will be back after Kitty took a liking to him. LOL Poor Trefor saw more of Kitty than I think he or we had expected. hahaha I never laughed so hard. The drive home in the rain was awful. Aqua planing is not my strongest sporting atribute.

This Saturday just my best friend in the whole world treated me to Priscella the Musical. From the first note to the last I loved it. I was racked with costume envy and lusting after the cast….yes i know most of them are gay but I can window shop! Go see if you havent! I am planning to go back!

Anyway off I pop. Rehearsals are calling.


Khandie Khisses


PS There are plans afoot for me to sell some signed (standard or personalised) prints of moi. Anyone interested? I have had a few enquiries so thought I had better venture out this way…

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