Sunday, 19 September 2010

Clearing Out Some Merch

So to make room for new merchandise that is coming in and bloody hell is this new stuff fabulous I am getting rid of some old merch.

First thing up are my tiny badges….for £2 you can have three of them or 1 for £1. Picture shows the size. There is no P&P on these so just let me know your paypal address and I will invoice you. Once paid I will whack them in the post.

Dont forget to send me/tag me in images of you wearing them as soon there is going to be give aways to lucky fans.

Once I find my sticker transfers these will be on here too. All new merchandise is on its way. Custom creations especially for Khandie Khisses fans!

So if you want a badge (one for £1) or 3 (for £2) with no P&P whilst they are still available. Please comment below or email me your paypal address. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS LIMITED STOCK!


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