Monday, 27 September 2010

Relaxing....sort of

Despite my every intetion of having a relaxing week it seemed it was simply not be. I worked hard all week only to start to feel poorly towards the end of the week. A sign of things to come. One bright perk was a huge bouquet of flowers being delivered to my home. They were divine and really made a somewhat hard week so much more better. Sadly I cant thank the person who sent them in person as they failed to leave a card. So to my mystery flower sender: thank you so much for making the KK smile.

I decided to stay home on Friday night instead of partying with my friends. Not only was I scheduled for a photoshoot on Saturday in Southbourne but also I felt queasy. An early bedtime and some OTT vitamin C overdosing I woke up feeling a little better. A quick trip (nearly 2 hours...if thats quick) down to Southbourne and before I knew it I was plonked in a sit with make up being applied and my lovely friend Julie Arthur setting up her camera equipment. The fabulous location was found via a location scout/photographer/videographer/general awesome guy Mark Van Klaveren Harris. He wons/runs 612media. I will be working with him again this space.

So with lots of make up/costuming/laughter both Mark and Julie produced some amazing images,

copyright Mark VKH

Copyright Julie Arthur

Copyright Julie Arthur

The makeup was done by a talented lady called Sarah Jenkins and she is a real doll. Her ideas for our next shoot are awesome....looking forward to it!

There are more images but I didnt want to overdo it all. These are for my new promo material...well these and a few more shoots I have planned.

Sadly though my early night had not stopped me feel ill and as the night drew in so did the sickness. Despite a lovely chinese with the team and friends I was on my way to the land of flu symptoms.

The next morning I had plans to head off to see my friend Garnet and meet his fabulous horse Snippy. What a horse. So pretty and despite my reservations about being scared he was gentle.

Khandie and Snippy!

Shattered I still managed to pop off and see some more mates. I had a rough n tumble with the lovely Chloe (one of my favourite pooches...after Dixie, Kewpie, Psycho (MiMi) Alice and Tink) before heading back to the London. Gutted to have to head back as Bournemouth has the ability to lift my mood and make me feel better instantly. London holds some good memories for me but sadly I feel those memories arent going to be enough to keep me here for much longer. Oh I am in a reflective mood.

Anyway before I go I would like to say a special thanks to Nick Webster and Dame Kitty (of Rubyz in Bournemouth) for my special shoutout/dedication on You guys are lovely. Thank you so much! The radio station has been taken over by Kitty for the night and every Monday night. I do love her dirty humour.

Go listen!

Another thank you should go to Mark and Brian for their help on Friday in a personal matter who showed me that laughter can cure so much.

Next week sees me rehearsing for Paris!!!!! I am so excited...two shows in the festival to perform at!



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