Saturday, 1 January 2011

Bye Bye 2010. Ding Dong 2011!

Hey all,
So thats the end of 2010…there it goes out the window. Normally I would look back and think what would I change…what would I have made better?? But this year I am not going to. Looking back I have realised I have come such a long way in just 12 months. It appears that working my ass off is starting to pay off. Now whilst it may not appear that posing and pouting in rhinestones and corsetry is hardwork… it isnt…well not immediately. That sort of refinery is the end result. The harder you work the brighter the rhinestones sparkle. I believe in a strong work ethic and thus I like to stick to it. So instead of making a resolution this year I am going to carry on as before with just as much determination. With a film and a return to Paris in the next coming months, plus modelling assignments and performances the world isnt my oyster…its my playground.

Look out this year for new merchandise, new acts, reworkings of old ones and some other delightful treats!




PS Check out my new videos here:

A New Year's kiss for all my mates/fans/family about the world!

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