Saturday, 15 January 2011

Pretty in Perversion

Oh I do love a bit of kink…and I am not talking about the awkward kink my fringe has that makes it near impossible to roll well. I am talking latex dresses, tight laced corsets, stockings and the odd restrait (from spending too much on the credit card…oh wait thats the wrong sort of restrait). The feel of a new corset is a wonderful thing. So earlier this week I popped over the headquaters of the famous Coffee, Cake and Kink to have a look at whats happening and meet the team. And envitably make a few purchases.

The Coffee, Cake and Kink headquarters is based in Panther House not too far from Chancery Lane. Its a reclaimed warehouse that has retained much of its character with its heavy doors, iron railings and concrete staircases. Turn the lights down a bit and the place could be the set of some 50s horror movie….or a too cool for school RnB music video. Hahaha.

From the moment I arrived I was treated fantastically with a meeting with one of the owners of the company (a darling! He was so cute!! Wonderful glasses). Given a yummy cup of Monmouth coffee I shopped and mooched about their wares. It was all terribly relaxed and friendly. I came away with some presents and ideas bursting out of my head.

In their own words taken from their blog site :

‘Coffee, Cake & Kink is an online shop and community, providing a friendly, non-judgemental environment for self-discovery and the enjoyment and celebration of sexual diversity and creativity. We believe that a broad spectrum of human sexuality consists of a great many consensual, adult sexual behaviours, too few of which are embraced and celebrated by society. We believe all adults have the right to enjoy their bodies and sexualities without guilt, fear of persecution or the attachment of social stigmas. As an online shop, we sell what our name says – excellent coffee, gorgeous cake, and great kinky products and artwork, some of which are exclusive to CCK. We believe in providing great customer service, with personal shoppers and our customer care kinkster team who are on hand to help.’

A wonderful addition to the hub bub of London’s ether even if I do say so myself. They have plans to extend their reach into the commuity by ways of videos and chats. I cant wait to see what they do especially as they *may* be organising a fundraiser event. I will have to attend.
So my purchases…
Well I really was spoilt for choice. They have alsorts of stock and not once did I see comedy dildos or nipple sweets (far more Ann Summers than this place). I ended up making a few purchases of cards by the famous Olivia De Berardinis and some suspender clips from new French imported lingerie company called Maison Close. The cards are beautiful and I already know who I will be sending them too. I settled on a mermaid one as I have a certain costume designer who is making my own mermaid tail who would appreciate it as well as an art deco inspired card. Beautiful colours.

But boy oh boy are the suspender clips stunning. Even the packaging which is very regal purple and gold is wonderful. These suspenders are designed to clip onto lingerie to make it a suspender belt. Perfect! I have worn them already and DING DONG they are rather sexy! I own a lot of delicious underwear that didnt come with a suspender belt and to be honest matching a generic one just wasnt going to cut it. These were perfect!!! GO BUY and such such good value!

They are even engraved with an ornate logo of the company. Vintage sex appeal….
Anyway I have to pop off as I have underwater rehearsals ahead of my mermaid act….
Incidentally anyone else discovered Martini in the Morning radio on iTunes? I have been listening in all afternoon whilst working away. Sounds of nostalgia all the way from California.

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