Friday, 21 May 2010

1st Winner of the Khandie Khisses Inspired Art Work

Ok so as promised…the winner of this month’s Khandie Khisses inspired art is this awesome tattoo on Jason Bailey’s thigh. The tattoo was created by his good lady wife Tammy who runs Dixie Doll Tattoo studio in Southbourne. On a related note Jason owns the vintage styled barber shop above the tattoo parlour….I like it there…they make good coffee!

I love the dedication that Jason has shown and so I will be sending him a present to say thank you!

If you want to be entered in the monthly competition then all you have to do is create a Khandie Khisses inspired piece of artwork (doll, tattoo, painting, photo etc) and email a copy/photo to me at with your name and link plus contact details so I can send you a present.



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I am submitting!