Monday, 31 May 2010

Yee Har

Ok so modelling is something I do quite regularly. I do love it and not just from a vainity side of things. Its also the people you meet and the locations you end up in. Recently I was taken to a location that even I wasnt quite prepared for. A replica town set in the Wild West. From the saloon to the barbers to the livery each building both inside and out was created with attention to detail. I had to have a run around nosing around all the buildings before I could even think about hair and make up.
My first shoot was in the saloon. It was fantastic as there was everything from a card table to a stove and even a piano. I loved it.
View from the upstairs.

I modelled on the bar a far bit which was lovely as it is made of polished oak and has a huge mirror behind. Rather lovely and seductive. Yummy.

Sat on the bar. Not very lady like mind.

But before long I found myself running around bare foot in rather sexy (yeah right) long johns like a mad woman.

The shoot was awesome and the rain didnt seem to dampen anyones mood. But like all great days the end was too soon and I had to travel home. Bubbles and I were shattered so mooched about on the porch of one building whilst we waited on the packing up to be finished.

Minimal make up and shattered I am far from the glamour girl I am supposed to be. For images from the shoot please check out my gallery.
Right I best go as my boots are covered in mud from the shoot and desperately need cleaning.

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