Wednesday, 5 May 2010


And I am not refering to up coming elections which by the way GO VOTE!

What have I gotten myself into?! After a brief moment of overzealousness I appear to have found myself entering the ballot for a chance to run in next years London Marathon. I am a fool. I will die I am sure of it. Well I will if I attempt it in my current state of (un)fitness. So I better get some help and possibly some mental help while I am at it…..

This morning saw me undertaking my first marathon training session. AT 5AM!!! What the crazy is that all about. I swear my trainer (let’s call him Snell for reasons known only to me) wanted to make me cry. I ran and ran…shuttle after shuttle….my dignity was lost through my sweat. So much sweat I resembled a pig in cling film by the end of it. Sexy right?

My next session is Friday when Snell has plans for me to run more shuttles but this time with squats at each end! WHAT!? And to think I am paying for this punishment….self enforced torture. I am a pervert and I didn’t even know it. Send help or someone who looks like me but runs better to give me a break.

I will be gutted if I do all this work and then don’t get the ballot to run. GGRRR but hey I may look more svelte…

On a rather comedic note my sports bra is made by a company called Shock Absorber….feels me with mild amusement as I run with no fear of black eyes.


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