Monday, 23 November 2009

Manic Couple of weeks!

Phone picture of me at the shoot....LOVE THE HAIR AND MAKE UP!

Well its been manic to say the least. From a rather sad and devastating personal crisis to the madness of a friggin AWESOME shoot with Mitch Jenkins (WOWOWOWOWOW) I have been busy.

a rather stern picture of me at the photoshoot.

The start of the week saw me hanging out in my favourite boutique (yes you guessed it Nikita Sablier in Kingly Court, off Carnaby St). It was the Grazia magazine 20% off day so I popped down to help Nikki out. With my lovely friend Glory Pearl in tow we mingled and mooched and basically encouraged people to buy. And buy they did.

Khandie and the girls!

The talented Maria even gave mini makeovers and demos to the customers which was a lovely idea. One that myself, Lola Cherry and Glory took full advantage of! Nikita even lent us all dresses to wear so we looked extra not that kind of special!

The lovely Glory Pearl being pampered by Maria.

Myself and the lovely Marie

Even the world's sexiest librarian showed up to purchase a garment (Rhiannon!) Mind you she is probably one of the shop's best customers....after me of course!

Squeeze in.

In my rather lovely lingerie from Nikita Sablier at the Mitch Jenkins shoot.

I had such a great shoot with the very talented Mitch Jenkins
 and his creative team. I mean it was a chance of lifetime as far as I am concerned. I learnt so much and was able to be my quirky self as he seemed to like that...LOL What was nice was getting share it with my burlesque babe mates Luli Blue and Darkteaser. We pretty much caused havoc and mischief all day long.

Myself and the fabulous Luli Blue rocking out backstage at the photoshoot.

 I don't mean the usual 'busy' I mean the busy that's too little time to eat sleep or even wee kinda busy! And what's more it appears as though the next few weeks are going to be the same. I am going to be in Northampton, Preston, Exeter (home town YEAH!), Plymouth and then back to London for more shows and appearances than I care to think about. Northampton should be a good one as I am performing at the magazine launch for Dodgem Logic which is a new underground magazine fronted by the multi talented Alan Moore. So....SQUEAL!

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Rhiannon the Librarian said...

The world's sexiest librarian - thanks Khandie...what an accolade!