Sunday, 1 November 2009


Well thats the weekend over. I am bruised and shatted.

Friday night with Mr Sexual (Ricky) at Proud was fabulous. He is such a lovely boy. We watched some cracking burlesque despite the sound and lighting issues at the venue. I think I may have drunken the bar dry...OPPS!

Ricky and I

Saturday I spent a great deal of the morning recovering rather badly. Something to do with the gin shots I fear...though I blame Ricky. It easier blaming him than I.

I had a performance at the fabulous Southwark Playhouse to do in the evening. The Secrets team (if you havent been to one of their shows...GO!) managed to turn the theatre, bar and back area into one huge Halloween party. It reminded me very much of Sleepy Hollow...there were old batter chairs with creepy china dolls, hangman nooses, scarecrows, victoriana inspired artifacts and much much more. I would have loved to have done a shoot there before the party kicked off. Oh well.

I was performing my 'Rabbit Poison' act which went down rather well even if I do say so myself. I lost a purple glove and stocking somewhere along the line but no bother (easily replaced).

Whilst the show was marvellous, my journey home was not. Some man tried to mug me. Whilst he managed rather unsucessfully to relieve me of my bag he did manage to throw me to the floor and punch me. I have no idea why he would want my fan carrier bag. Perhpas he was a budding boylesquer?

Anyway once home I felt much better. Grr!!!

Today (Sunday) I went with the delightful Rhiannon to the British Museum as they had a Day of the Dead event scheduled. I have to say I was mildly disappointed with the lack of exhibitions on the subject but loved the native dancers and parade.

The dancers really got the group going with their brightly coloured dresses and routines. The accompanying band were so adorable!!!
So now I am home and rather tired. But not ready for bed yet as I am working on a new act....a rather special and different act for me. More information will come in due course I promise...but for now it is being kept close to my chest as this is a routine that is very new in style for me.




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