Monday, 30 November 2009

Epic! Sort Of

So for those you may have read the previous post (if you havent...crack on!) I had a bit of a marathon mini tour of England.

Firstly I went from London to Preston, then Preston to Northampton, then Northampton to Exeter, then Exeter to Torquay, Tourquay to Plymouth and finally Plymouth to London and then home.

MANIC. National rail got practically all the way which was lovely to be able to snooze on the train between performances. No smelly BO infested person sat next to me either which was lovely though mildly/oddly disappointing. Have had this been a regular occurnace for me whenever I go by train I felt somehow ripped off for my ticket when I didnt get one.

So one highlight for me was performing for the legendary Alan Moore (of V for Vendetta and Watchmen amongst others fame.). He is lauching a new magazine called Dodgem Logic. GO BUY A COPY! Its awesome!!!!

Alan takes to the stage

I was rather star struck by it all. Darkteaser, Luli Blue, Nicole A Lure and myself tasselled and twirled our ways through the shows. It was lovely to be back with old friends and enjoy ourselves. Special mention to James and Anna Thrope, Tamsyn Payne and Joe Brown for looking after us all. By the way Nicole is behind the Hourglass photographic company. A lovely present for any lady!

Exeter was another personal highlight as I got to see the multi-talented couple The Bells AKA Kinky and Quirky Burlesque N Boogie. Mark and Sarah have managed to create one hell of a burlesque night out in a town that had never seen burlesque before. People come from all over to watch their shows. I spoke to people from Canterbury and Cardiff who had come to see the show. I perfomed along side the rather ravishing Soup De Jour (her cat act is amazingly fabulous) and the ever magnetic Equador the Wizard (GO SEE THIS MAN PERFORM!) He bought the house down with his final act and I HIGHLY recommend you go see him! Mark Bell is also a talented artist. His work is very highly admired and so much so I am looking to purchase a painting myself.

my new costume...back stage at Kinky and Quirky.

As Kinky and Quirky is based in my home town I often feel odd coming back but Mark and Sarah make you feel so welcome its fantastic to be there. I adore performing at their shows and cant wait to go back.

with the lovely Soup De Jour!

Plymouth saw me staying in a cold but still pleasant enough hotel as I was performing at Annabels. Admitedly I was nervous as I had never performed there before but needn't have bothered to be.

A cracking band (the Faux Fur Full)  was playing some pretty rocking tunes very Big Voodoo Daddies sounding though they covered alot of similar band songs. Though there was no specific stage to perfom on Annabel (owner and name sake) managed to clear a space in front of the band for myself and two new performers  (Midnight Caller and Midnight Iris). The crowd were lovely even though some were rather drunk. I loved all the gold mirrors and chequered flooring. Andy who helpt to run the club was so cute! He danced backstage with us girls...proper snake hips going on. Annabel was nice too. She runs a tight ship which was good to see.

Anyway before long I was back in London and in Nikita Sablier dancing in her shop window to celebrate her one year annviersary of the shop opening!



Khandie Licks!


Anonymous said...

You are mega hot lady. Come to Plymouth again!!!

Anna Rawlings said...

heard darlings divine are going to...nice to see some rejects get some work. whats their malfunction? Rude as hell to me at their last show.