Monday, 16 November 2009

Aahhh Bliss!

So yours truly has had a fun weekend which has been somewhat relaxing. After a rather lovely evening at the beatiful boutique that is Nikita Sablier, I somehow (yeah right) came away with a new dress and corset. Purchased with love and care might I add! The corset is for my Moon Dance act which shall be debuted (fingers crossed) this weekend in Bournemouth at a private party. Its from Angels Carrying Savage Weapons and is a beautiful blue. I also purchased an 8 strap suspender belt and a new Bettie Page Clothing dress.

So having spent a night frantically sewing my new costume, rhinestoning and rehearsing I needed a day of relaxation. Just as though my fairy godmother had been listening I was asked to go away for a weekend of nothingness. I grabbed it with both hands and ran off to pack!

Now this trip also tied in well with seeing some venues for a new venture of mine. More news will follow. So anyway one photoshoot was arranged for the Saturday so after that I was free to enjoy my weekend. I loved it!

I even met up with fellow burlesque darling Delilah Dufoe at Leigh on Sea and indulged in seafood and sandcastles. I even took some pictures of her with my new Nikon D90 camera I treated myself to!

So after a relaxing weekend I am back and refreshed to see Avenue Q this evening and get rehearsing and organising!



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