Thursday, 1 April 2010


Ok so perhaps calling this post a quickie isn't appropriate or have I spent too much time in the company of smutty boys. Those pesky boys. After my whirlwind dash around the south of England last weekend, I was somewhat delighted that this weekend just gone was quieter though none the less lovely.

My dear friend and fabulous costume designer Lucy (of
Burldoir fame) got married on the Saturday and I was invited along to celebrate.  I cried.  A lot. The whole 1930 styling of the affair was beautiful though the same can't said for my dancing....well.  I blame the bride and Sarah and Ana....and Simon...and everyone else but me! The whole affair was stunning and Lucy and Simon are so well suited! So yummy together!

My lovely dress from Coast...awesome sales assistant saved this for me!!

Ignore my grumpy had just started to rain and my curls were bound to fall out! GGRR
I may have looked glamorous then but in the morning was another story after I 'found' the hotel bar...
Ever the rock star...why i went to bed with my Nikon D90 is a mystery. The sun glasses are not however.

I am always the dork though...

But the glamour is my middle name...NOT!

I would post some dance photos of my awesome dancing skills but no. They are awful. Robot anyone? I kid not. It was carnage. Beautiful carnage but carnage none the less.

With the stunning Ana and Charlene of the stunning WWW.CHARLENEHICKEY.COM

On the Sunday I popped into Oxford to pooter about the place. If you havent been you really should. I ate lovely icecream by the river and mooched about the science museum. They had a cute steampunk exhibit on created by a local school. I reallly love Oxford as the building are breathtaking creations of engineering.

Talking about science museums...I went last night to one of those 'Lates' the museums in London often do. A sort of wander about the science museum in the evening with alcohol and NO KIDS! Whoo Hoo!

I will post more on that later but if you get a chance to go....GO they are hilarious and good fun.

This bank holiday weekend sees me off to Yorkshire....

So I had better go as I have packing to do...damn me for leaving it to the last minute!

Sneaky bad dancing picture with Ana!

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