Friday, 16 April 2010

General Housekeeping

Good grief I have been rather poor at blogging havent I?!

Well much has been happening. And I mean MUCH! From my very recent email asking me to lend my image to a new iPhone app (yet undecided on that one personally - more an android girl) to my plans to New York and Canada. Plus my new website is soon to be up and running. I may even have to close this blog and divert you all to my new site. It should be going live rather soon. Want to see a sneaky pic?

Isnt it wonderful? and far from finished. It is being made by a personal friend of mine called Matt Harvey. He is a talented lovely! I think I may have challenged him on this one but like a real trooper he rose to the occasion and has created something better than I could imagine! As well as webdesigner he is a talented artist. I love him...and and his missus.

So when this site goes live once a few techincal things have been sorted be sure to check it out!

Anyway so I am manic right now. I have sorted myself a small dance/rehearsal studio to use plus decided to rework the rabbit poison act. To be honest the whole 'oh-look-let-me-drink-that-and-i-will-remove-my-costume-thing' is overdoen now and on the words of a lovely Joe Black I am attempting to make the act more comedic with audience interaction that bit more without the need to leap on to their tables...which is something I need to suppress as sometimes I think it can make people see me as a crazy loon and only capable of doing that one style. Talking of styles I am putting together two new routines though admittedly one at a time...a new fan dance to some stunning music that most ladies will recognise the moment they hear it. I have already used it a number of years ago but want to bring the act back out of retirement with a new costume and a fresh attitude. The second routine will take much longer to perfect as the corset alone (another Vintage Lynndy Loo one off creation) has to be perfect so I can work it into the act... Think Mulan and you are almost there but still off the mark!

Right so ontop of all that I have travels to Canada and NYC to arrange.


So off I pop and promise to make more of an effort to keep in touch. For those you cant wait for the blog posts...why not join me on twitter? Click here to add me! I tend to twitter fairly often with added bonus images of tat every now and again.



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Lisa Roberts said...

Awesome new site! Mega fan of your work!