Tuesday, 6 April 2010

what do you make of all these award type poll thingys... does it bother you not bieng nominated and having all of the web canvassing for votes or are you nominated often and have to hassle all your friends to vote for you . . . what do you make of it all?

I have been nominated for one poll and came 29th (though joint) in the top 50 burlesque stars of 2009 by a 21cp poll. To be honest I often feel that polls are won by those that have the most mates though this isnt always the case.

I am alittle dishearten when not placed but I guess it shows how much more work I need to do to get fore front in peoples minds. I will admit that I dont like hasseling people to vote for me and rather just show the competition than 'blackmail' people into voting.

Ask away...I have little shame and no pride to dent!

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