Monday, 12 April 2010

Yorkshire And The Science

So after much formspring crap (see the questions below) I have decided to post a wee bloggy bit about my travels to Yorkshire and science museum antics.

Yorkshire was fantastic and proved to be a great location for me to practise my photography. Whitby proved to be very inspiring. From the ruined abbey, the clifftop graveyard to the crowds of shant singers and goths. Each step I took about the place made me want to whip out my camera (Nikon D90) and capture it all.

The whole place seems to be a crazy mixture of victorian gothic structures to tudor housing and cottages...juxtapositioned by the nasty 70s council tower blocks that almost ruined the landscape with the rolling moors behind. The abbey and the nearby graveyard on the cliff side is wonderful and rather sad. You can see why Bram Stoker set some of his world famous novel Dracula here. The graveyard is full of old extremely ornate grave stones with some sadly too weathered to read. What made it all the more sad was that tour groups were running and climbing over these gaves as though they were mere playthings or obstacles in a local play park. The concept that a few feet below them lay the remains of someones loved one was lost on most of them.

I have posted a few images below for you. Not amazing by any stretch of the imagination but I love them. As always images are copyright of ME! DONT STEAL! Like you would. LOL

my image of the abbey. Not edited though.

slightly edited.

Edited view of the back of the ruined abby. I love the flock of birds flying over.

Street performer. This guy was fantastic. He's traditional form of entertainiment included singing old sea shanties and working the puppet. I took alot of images of him that I have yet to edit. He really was a great subject to take images of.

Whitby over Easter held a scooter festival so the whole down was swarming with Mods. Fantastic change to the goths who usually own the town. I took some shoddy (sorry) images of a a few Mods. Though they look scary and slightly thug-ish they were lovely and adorably patient of me whilst I snapped away at them.

I was happy to return home though despite how relaxing Yorkshire was.

The following week saw me spending an evening at the Science Museum for one of their 'Lates' nights. This is where the museum (V&A also does it) stays open late on evening for an adult only affair with alcohol, lectures and music. I had a great time swanning about the joint.

You really should go if you get the chance. I did take some photos but cant remember where I put the SD card. Will hunt it down.



PS the redesign of my website is going really well and it is almost ready to relaunch it. Will give you all a shout out when its ready.


Anonymous said...

I love you. You rock my world. I've seen you perform 8 times now and each time you blow me away. X

Carla Roberts-Scott said...

cracking performer KK!

Top class. London Burlesque Week need to sort their shit out and get the likes of you on their stage! Wankers! That Chaz Royale is booed in Canada I hear!