Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Weekend A La Khandie

So ok today is only Thursday but I am already excited about the weekend. For once I am only performing one night only rather than the usual three times (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)! Which I have to say is rather tiring especially if I have a show or photoshoot in the week.
So Friday I am off to a club that I cant really tell you about...not that its a naughty club but its the kind of club that is run like a prohibition club night. I will be there dancing and jiving with like minded people.

aaah....Saturday is I will be spending the day sleeping (recovering from Friday) and then will be attending a friend's party before heading into London for the Southwark Playhouse Halloween Party where I am performing two acts...Cant wait!! It looks to be a fabulous night.

Then Sunday I am off to the British Museum for DAY OF THE DEAD! yeah! See you there!




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