Sunday, 24 January 2010

Golden Oldies!

Good grief I went for a trawl through some old pictures of mine and damn near had a heart attack over how I was back then! EEEKKK

Having gotten over my rather shocking experience I figured what the hell I had best share it with you lot so you can have a good giggle!

This is me with long hair circa 2005? at the RAF Northolt summer ball. This guy is awesome! Olly Mylius is one hell of a drummer! xx

Taken 17 May 2004 the day I graduated from RAF basic training...9 weeks of hell and highs. With my brother Carl n Auntie Heidi! Note no makeup and goofy grin! Shortly after this picture was taken I bombed it to the pub...for a pint of cider...oooh classy bird!

Aahhh KK as a baby.....pity I never stayed cute LOL

KK as a miserable toddler! I love how fat the nappy makes my arse! I have no idea what possessed my mother to put me in those trousers though.

At Headley Court (hence why I raise money for Help The Heroes) with some fellow inpatients! We rocked that place. No idea why Mikey is trying to shove a bottle up my arse though....hahaha

With the LOVELY Mr Jarvis about to take part in RAF Northolt's Christmas Fun Run for charity. After a skin full the previous night I was not in the mood for running 5 miles. I did it however with out puking up the last nights booze and in that ridiculous costume!

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