Thursday, 21 January 2010

Why I Oughta....

'Burlesque?! You mean YOUR a burlesque performer? Well you dont look like Dita Von Tease.'

Wow thank you for the open minded-ness of your grey matter! Also your quick judgement of me based on your lack of knowledge about burlesque is to say the least rather impressive.

While I am no Dita Von Tease, or an Immodesty Blaise or hell anyone else for that matter other than my own person burlesque does not come with a predefined size, shape, colour or sex for that matter. Yes preach all you want that such and such a size should not be seen and snigger in the back row about my cellulite I dont care. Dont try and tell me I am setting women's rights back decades with my performances. No one is making me do this. I chose using my own free will and my equal right to freedon of expression. I am my own person marching to my own beat with a rhinestoned garter and a glitter cleavage. Dont hate me, join the chorus line instead.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree honey you are not Dita but you are something a whole lot better. She is known to starve herself before a show...what is all that about?!

Keep doing your thing and we will all still love the Khandie Khisses!

Gutted to hear you didnt make the London Burlesque Festival but then everyone knows Chaz is a bit suspect.

Anonymous said...

Darling... if you were Dita then you'd be less interesting. Ypu are Khandie and you sparkle a million times brighter

Dee La Beau said...

You are gorgeous and amazing just the way you are. I would die for your confidence and beauty!

ladyinbatteredbrogues said...

I agree, I'm so glad you aren't Dita - I can't stand Dita wannabees!!!!!
You know I think you are fab and that you are one of my role models :)
All my love x