Sunday, 31 January 2010

Talk about a break!

So after my break away to Australia, I was ready to get back into the swings of things burlesque UK side. I have my first front cover out in a matter of days, a shoot just completed with another lined up plus I have a show next week.

All was perfect until I took a tumble down the stairs from my flat and face planted at the bottom. I had landed rather heavily on my right arm and split my head open. Not mention the immense pain from my ribs and winded lungs. After an ambulance ride it was confirmed I had fractures in various locations.

I left hospital feeling rather miserable as my arm was in a sling and I had a thobbing head ache. I have been back to the fracutre clinic where I was told no performing until I have full mobility in my right arm again....god knows when that is. So with a heavy heart I have had to cancel a show in Southampton that I had been rehearsing for no end and rest up.

Anyway less of the misery...

Enjoy a small selection of the images I had taken by John Henry at my shoot. all images are copyrighteed.

All images copyrighted to John Henry

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