Monday, 18 January 2010

Jet Lag and New Shows

So now that the jet lag has all but been banished...I have launched myself into my burlesque. I have been booking shows furiously and has even been offered a chance to have my own show for a one off event in real theatre! Like BLOODY WOW! The aim is to have the show for March time though specifics still need to be sorted. But watch this space as The Khissing Booth show is coming soon!

I have travels to Ireland yet to sort though I am no yet worried despite it being quite close to the date. I am booked a fair bit but am always on the look out for more bookings. I cant wait to do the video shoot I have been booked for, the downside being that I cant share which band it is with you. Damn secrets.

I better go as to be honest I am in the middle of rehearsing my Dark Before The Dawn act to improve it as much as possible as I have plans to use it in the London Burlesque Festival if they choose me that is.



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