Thursday, 18 March 2010

In A Flash

So I am off to Bournemouth to perform this Friday, photoshoot on Saturday and another show! To be honest I have packed so much stuff I am worried my vomit comet (my car) wont be able to move. She barely makes 60 as it is and thats even going down hill with the wind behind her. I love her dearly though even if the glitter has now become so ingrained I have no idea what colour the seats were. I believe leopard print...though I could be wrong as there is green, purple, silver and white glitter going on in there now.

I was supposed to be performing at Proud Cabaret but oddly they cancelled the whole night performance wise. Not sure of the reason but both Honey Wilde and Bambury Cross as well as I were ratehr confused and proverbially (or int he case of Honey and Bambury) left out in the cold.

I fortunately has another private gig in Richmond which was a nice relaxing affair. The location was a rather swanky private residence and as much as I would love to post images I refrained from taking any as well lets face is someone's home.  Rather grown up decision that I am impressed with. I wish I could share with you the STUNNING chandelier that adorned my changing room...I say room but it was more like a whole flat. it was gigantic!

So this weekend is proving to be action packed which is going to lovely as always.

I will post a blog about in due course.

Take care.

PS anyone going to the home show this weekend?

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