Thursday, 11 March 2010

Oh I'll say

Would you believe it: I am blogging mid week!? What has the world come to honestly.

I seem to be having quite the week when it comes to bookings I am here there and everywhere over the coming weeks doing all sorts of things though mainly performing.

I am off to Rubyz, in Bournemouth on Saturday to have a photoshoot with the awesome Julie Arthur as I need some promo shots of my new costumes (and some fresh ones of my older costumes). I love Rubyz as its so welcoming there. Aside from running burlesque classes (taught by a former BLUE BELLE girl and burlesque performer, they also bring in performers to host masterclasses in certain techniques and disciplines) cabaret shows are also there with dame Kitty at the helm. and the classes can be found

Lessons at Rubyz...with JANE!

I am also performing on the Friday night with Miss Annie and her Regular Joe band!/event.php?eid=319600838830 Come and see us.

Plus can you believe it but Khandie is going international (again). After the joys of Australia I am excited to announce I will be performing in Canada this year with the lovely Willow Blue at my side.

Anyway this all rather too much for me...posting midweek is surely life on the edge. Ok so maybe not but who cares!

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