Sunday, 21 March 2010

A Crazy Weekend

WOW what a manic weekend of shows I have had. I swear I have spent more time in the car that out of it lately. I am really tired now but have a wonderful feeling after all gigs and routines went well.

about to head off on the crazy burlesque tour for the weekend...I look like a a Bon Jovi fan from the 80s....

First show was in Bournemouth at the Bourne Beat Hotel which is a wonderfully eccentric place with the walls covered in music memorabilia. I performed there alongside the divine Miss Annie and her Kitty Kats from her Kitty Kat Cabaret Club. Also performing was  Miss Minne La Quimm and Cherry Pop. A lovely audience despite this being their first experience of burlesque. I cant wait to go back for another show. I did manage a little accident after a trod on some broken glass I managed to splice my toe open. It did bleed a fair bit but thanks to the beautiful Momma James (Momma to Starla James) I was patched up so fast.

The morning saw me back at Rubyz my usual haunt in Bournemouth to do a photoshoot with Luke of Hatter Arts Photography. It was a great shoot with the run of Rubyz to play with! We captured some fantastic images. I cant wait to see them.

in the dressing room at the shoot. (rather similar pose to the one above....LOL)

After the shoot I was rather late so was unable to meet my lovely friends Tammy and Jason instead I had to wing it up the motorway to my next gig. I was blown away when I arrived. I mean it was like I was transported back to WW2 Britain...there were vintage flags everywhere with adorable bunting...there was red, white and blue everywhere from flags to napkins. Even the dj had a fantastic set up with all his modern equipment was hidden in vintage cases. He played some fantastic tunes. His name was Michael and he was adorable! Please check out his website as he is an absolute treasure!

I took/editted this image of him.

I also shared the bill with a number of other performers such as some dancers but one rather special lady who I was rather nervous to meet as I am a huge fan of her....LOLA LAMOUR!!!!

My rather dodgy head shot to gat on the stage with my 'Baby of the Blitz' routine.

Not only was she lovely and a great singer but so is her lovely husband who even was kind enough to help me with my staging. I was so very grateful.

The stage...wonderful!

Anyway I headed back to London (home) rather late and incredibly tired. I would have loved a lie in but had to head to Winsor in the morning to do another gig for birthday party...a nice gig with a lovely audience. I had every intention of finally heading home for a much earned rest but instead was 'conned' (bribed with the prospect of sushi after) to go to The British Leisure show with a friend. It was a rather nice show with lots of outdoorsy things but I was too busy looking at all the cute dogs that were being walked about. So many cutie pies from alsations to pugs and bulldogs to whippets. I did spy some funky tents for my festival antics this year. Anyone for Latitude I am going as a spectator. CAMP KHANDIE!!! LOL

Anyway thats the weekend done.

Off to de-glitter and de-boufant the barnet.


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