Monday, 25 October 2010


Rather than bore you by recounting ramblings of my rehearsals ready for my Jersey performances I thought I would start somewhere marvellous. Picture the scene: Khandie with some rather lovely friends (some already known and some just met) sipping cocktails in a room full of randoms. Baths piled high with ice…roof top gardens and free cocktails. There were the sterotypical Shoreditch yuppies, RaRas and lurex clad wannabes. Nestled amongst them all were some delightful characters and whilst the cocktails were drunk and some bad dancing occured I had a great time. I loved the fact it was something new for me to experience. I was rather disappointed though as the invite said scantily clad butlers but all I saw were french maids. Not that they werent pretty to look at…just not honed toned males. Damn it.

With some wonderfuls at the party including Rich (editor of and the Dep Editor of Essentials magazine. Nice touch taking polaroids I thought.

I am not sure how I managed to get home as I was slightly drunk. I dont like drinking on a school night and actually vaguely remember getting the wrong train. TWICE! Luckily I was ok by morning so managed to pack all my things ready for Jersey.

Aahhh Jersey my favourite place to perform of late. I love how everyone is delightful and eager to meet you. Just wandering about the town you can see how friendly the people are. This time instead of performing with Fifi Fatale like last time I was joined by the beautiful L.A. lovely Lola LaBelle. She is STUNNING and funny and talented and I want to hate her but cant. I love Lola LaBelle. Laura (producer of the show Decadence Nights) took myself, Lola and Paula (a real doll!) to the Buddhabar for scrummy dinner. Well that was after a short stomp about the town finding somewhere open as the whole place seems to shut about 2pm.

getting my slap on ready for the show.

The show was fantastic as always. No surprise there! No sooner had I finished audience members were demanding to know when I was back. A boost to anyones confidence let me tell you. My latest act ‘Twinkle Toes I Aint’ went down a storm…I even managed to dance the charleston on the bar! With a few photos (roulette wheel based and card throwing inspired) lola and I were sipping champagne and dancing like goons. On the whole a brilliant experience and hopefully one I get to repeat…alot.Shattered though Lola and I retired to our apartment and slept like logs until the morning…when my early morning laughter at the film Frankie and Johnnie woke Lola. Oops but I made her a cup of tea to apologise.

With us both still slightly glittery the lovely Charlene Hickey (fabulous artist) took us for a quick lunch before we were shipped off to the airport.

Now home I am gearing up for an epicly exciting weekend…. Friday I get tattooed again by Lord Garth in Tattoodles in Donington. He is finishing off my hand held mirror crying flapper girl and hopefully (fingers crossed) starting on my next part of my sleeve. Then as soon as that is done I am hightailing it down the motorway back to London to get ready to attend the MCM/Eagles Awards…then Saturday sees me at the MCM convention. If you are going…come say hi! Sunday which is supposedly a day of rest will see me floundering about in the pool again rehearsing for the underwater act. Thankfully my marvel of a costume designer has been working hard on my costume. Cant wait to show you.

so ciao as I am tired.

PS I got asked out for a drink by poem…which was quite sweet.

PPS can you say ‘Khandie on tour’…could soon be a reality!

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