Monday, 25 October 2010

Relaxing....But Always Working

While a weekend off of performing is meant to be relaxing, I found myself still wokring. With two new acts in development (A new HUGE signature piece and a fun striptease) plus the underwater act still being rehearsed my shopping trip with Big S to Oxford wasnt going to be all pleasure. Admittedly burlesque is a huge pleasure but sometimes even I need a break.

I headed off with Big S early whizzing along the back roads in his new BMW. He likes to show off in it I think. Mind you when he lent it to me to drive to a gig (my car; the normally reliable Tori Spelling on account of the fact its cheap and full of plastic like the real thing, had broken down and was recovering in the garage) I got a little petrol heady about it….

Although I love my best friend so much I nearly threw him out the car when he started to subject me to Frank Sintara over and over again. There is only so much of Old Blue Eyes I can cope with in one journey.

Before long I was sat in a makeup chair with a MAC MUA Lilia ( MUA = Make Up Artist) and together we worked on a new dramatic look for my new routine. Inspired by the new MAC collection Villienous Villiens we came up with a look…and wow!
Excuse the the serious expression!

The make up is just perfect and after a few purchases I left. The rest of the day was spent buying random christmas presents for friends. Ok so I know its early but I spend so much time away from home and travelling that I need to start early.

Back at Big S’s house I spent the rest of the weekend rhinestoning and rehearsing for him to laugh at me. He thinks my new act is rather funny. I wont spoil it too much but its is called ‘Twinkle Toes I aint’….I leave you to ponder what it is all about but think Ginger Rogers with a dash of Charleston and alot of Khandie.

Now back home I am again rehearsing and rhinestoning.

I was sent an image on facebook recently that made me laugh so much I thought I would share it with you. My lovely friend Louise Scott of Lucky LuLu fame (handcrafted accessories…I own and adore the few I have!) posted an image of her beautiful baby Esther posing in a style rather reminscent of a picture I had posted….She is so adorable!!! whilst I on the other hand look like a dork!

Khandie and Esther...I am not sure who wears it better....

Right so a short blog….just not up to much to be honest.

Just to note though if you do see me in the next few days and are alarmed by the bruises to my legs…its because I keep falling over the chair during the rehearsals for my new act. DAMN IT.

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