Friday, 8 October 2010

Gack, Goon and Gross

So the last few days have not gone to plan to say the least. With the Paris Burlesque Festival mere days away I was hoping the run up to it would be smooth and thus help me to relax (I am so excited to see Anne Thropy and Kitten DeVille again!) but it seemed that nature was conspiring against me and I ended up coming down with some filthy evil cold/cough thing that was determined to make my life hell on Earth for a while.

Once again I was in Bournemouth over the weekend having decided to take a break from manic performing/rehearsing/general craziness and for once attend a show. I found myself too sick to participate in much at the show so spent much of time passed out on the floor of Andy Breaks (of shop floor. The event was the first of Battistinis Revival nights and surrounded by hot rods, vintage clad audience members and the smell of leather I would normally be in heaven if it wasn’t for the cold/flu/devil thing. With the Kitty Kat Kittens performing and Light n Shade singing plus Howard from the Regular Joes Annie and the Battistinis crowd put on a good show with only a few hiccups.
Battistinis Revival Night...more to come!

It was a lovely chance to catch up with my old friends the Pandora’s Choice team who were selling some rather lovely lingerie. I have my eye on some seamless panties and gown….fingers crossed I can get them soon as they are to die for.

As well as the usual Kitty Kat Kittens performing they had invited my lovely friend Miss Anticipation to perform (my sexy Elvis impersonator!). She went down a storm which is something that always happens. I whooped and cheered the best my silly croaky voice would allow.

Another lovely surprise was to see my friend and ex-BlueBelle Jane White…she came back to perform with the kittens after leaving the area some months ago. That woman has legs and rhythm to die for and I often tell her!!!

I sadly didnt take any photos as I was too poorly to really pay much attention. I just pootered about and occasionally danced. Annie was on her fabulous form as usual and her singing did help lift my woeful mood. I love Annie she is as cute as a button with a voice that is just as delightful as she is.

One highlight of the night was Howard singing acapella when the sound system packed up. Hands clapped and people cheered him on. A real trooper who is a dishy mix of Cary Grant and Michael Buble but without the drama.

Oh and KK even got to dance with a rather dashing gentleman…ok so we spent much of the dance pratting around but considering how sick I was feeling I had a blast.

I am thinking of going to the next one as I do like it there…plans are even afoot for me to do a photoshoot there soon…oh I say! Plus being loaned a few swish hot rods to play about on.

The Sunday was spent with me sniffing much and feeling generally miserable. Though one bright moment was taking my beloved Tempest-Rose on Boscombe beach for some fresh air. I do love my Auntie KK duties. Watching her giggle and chase the sea foam made me feel better….

Tempest-Rose on Boscombe Beach!

Infectious giggles!

She played with the sea foam and laughed with me at the surfers attempting to wade out…but the wind picked up and I was starting to feel rough again so we trooped off home….well back to Christchurch.

Sickly pale and putting on a brave face

Tempest and I! Aaahhh

Before long I had to be back in London…where the cold took a more sinister turn that resulted in me being in hospital for a chest scan and being perscribed two lots of antibiotics after the first course had no effect. I am however happy to report I am well on the road to recovery and eagerly waiting to get on that Eurostar to Paris to perform. I am also excited to see Ruby Jubilee/Catherine Pearson who now lives in Paris…I am bringing her Bisto chicken gravy granules….apparently she ‘needs’ them. I adore her. Will post lots of images of my Parisian adventures as soon as I can.


PS the entries for the Khandie Khisses Inspired Artwork comp (see here for details are coming in thick and fast. Here is a sneaky peek at one of the entrants Miss Emma Mason:
Competition Entry Emma Mason!

PPS New costumes are being planned with my beloved Vintage Lynndy Loo….That woman is one hell of a costumier! I trust her completely!

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