Friday, 8 October 2010

Paris Prep? Done!

Ok so a real short blog post to say I am all packed for Paris FINALLY. I have packed and repacked that suitcase so many times. Everything including the stars fit in which is a wonder in itself given that they are HUGE! I have rhinestoned anything missing some and have triple checked all costuming! I am ready!

The coffin aka my giant suitcase. It in fact fits me and Tempest-Rose inside it together!

So I am off to bed before these nerves kick in and ruin it all for me. I am not sure when i post next....I have a lovely mate housesitting for me whilst I am away as I am worried one of my beloved fish is sick....I am a loser I know but I love my fish though admittedly not enough to cancel my trip to Paris for it...oops.

I am sad that I am not sharing this whole experience with someone but I know that I have mates already at the festival so they will more than make up for it. I am nervous about venturing into Paris on my own....I have been before but still...I speak all of 4ish words of French which makes me feel incredibly ignorant.

Right to bed! Night night darlings!

P.S. SQUEAL! i am so excited I wonder if I will manage to sleep???

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