Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Oui oui! C'est magnifique!

Wow what a weekend. The Paris Burlesque Festival was the most fun I have had in a long time. Ok so the little hiccup at the start (being left at the train station because my driver was stuck elsewhere) did worry me a little bit as to how it was going to turn out…but the moment I bundled out of the taxi (of which the festival orgainsers immediately paid for!) I was treated with respect, dignity and ensured that my every whim was catered for. The whole event was fabulously wonderful.

Arriving in Paris also meant I got to see an old performer/friend of mine who goes by the name of Ruby Jubilee. She is now living in Paris as an au pair. I have missed her red spiral curls on the circuit and hope she comes back soon. She is a real character and a definite assest to any party as she proved later on in the evening with her distinctive dad dancing style (matched only by Darkteaser and Anne Thropy in the craziness of their Madness sing-a-long session)

My main point of contact was Charlotte and I had yet to meet her but no sooner had I arrived a rather frantic lady (surprised to find she was from England) came running over and threw her arms around me apologizing for the driver not getting to me. She was just like a little doll who was so apologetic there was no way I could be annoyed(not that I was as some lovely hunky French policemen showed me to the taxi rank earlier).

The real shocker for me was when one of my all time favourite performers came over to meet me: Kitten De Ville. I mean this woman is a legend in my books. Her bumps and grinds are the best I have EVER seen! Sadly she caught me mid-dressing and in a rush so I posed with no makeup on or my hair done. I looked a state but who cares. I MET KITTEN DE VILLE. I probably came off as a dork to her but I don’t care as I spoke to her! Whoop.

I also met the art deco doll of UK burlesque Billie Rae. The girl reminds me so much of the Angelique Houtkamp drawings that my tattoos are inspired by (incidentally I am getting a new one on 29th Oct). Her huge bambi like eyes were accentuated by her false eyelashes. I was gutted not to be able to catch her performance considering I had once driven from Southampton to Derby to see her perform once having heard such great things about her. Her boyfriend was such a sweetheart; I could imagine him in safari gear and an elephant gun running around (he has an sense of old England about him.)

Finally I met the wonderful French fancy herself: Miss Anne Thropy. She was my host for my stay in Paris and boy did she live up to it. Already staying with Anne was the truly wonderful LouLou D’Vile. I have to admit for someone clearly so pretty she has no idea how much she brings the room to a standstill. Plus she is crazy to hang out with. LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

Before I had time to catch my breath though I was thrust on stage to a rapturous applause and the crowd, the host (a fantastic Amazonian woman called Juliette Dragon no less) welcomed me like their own. I loved it. Hurry Hurry my showgirl number went down well and even received the compliment of me being called Queen of Tasseling due to my upside down/in a crab tassel twirling…..Rather pleased to receive such a compliment. I ran off stage to more applause.

Of the acts I go to see at that first show (Revue De Paris) each one was fantastic. Two that really stood out for me was the hula hooper who removed garments whilst hula hooping (EVEN TASSELING!!!!) and also the closing act who’s costume removal was very impressive. Her finale with the fire was mesmerizing and well worth waiting for. She had fantastic hair to shaped into chocolate coloured finger waves. It was only later I learnt it was a wig and she was actually a blonde!!!

Before I had time to think though I had to get ready for the next show the Les Nuit Fatales which was in the lower basement area….Now the thought of performing in a basement area conjured up images in my mind of a dark dank hovel but actually it was a great space with lots of lights and room.

The crowd once again were magnificent and cheered and whooped. Dark Before The Dawn seemed a real pleaser. Chuffed I happily collapsed backstage for a well deserved rest. But then I had Anne and LouLou dragging me off to dance and dance we did.

When we went back upstairs we were able to watch the rest of the acts in the basement area perform on the big screen. (a great idea!!!) so whilst sipping (more guzzling mojitos) Philly Cara Mel, Starla Haze (didn’t perform but came to see us all), Darkteaser, Anne Thropy, LouLou D’Vile etc were all partying hard and posing for photos upstairs. It was only then that I realized that the actual stage I had first performed on was designed like a big top with stripes on the walls and ceiling plus oodles of tigers/cages/ lions adorning the wall. Even the odd photo (rather good photo might I add) of a local photographer’s pinup work. I even spotted the famous Dirty Martini’s image up there. YUMMY!

I found Dirty Martini!

The rest of the night consisted of partying and meeting lots of new people. It was wonderful when audience members came up to congratulate me and the other performers on our acts and I loved how many went out of their way to do this. Talk about an ego trip! Hahaha. Amongst the crowd was the cutie pie Brooklyn Baby Doll, Miss Glitter Painkiller and lots of other performers from the festival who stayed on to party. The night went on well into the morning and involved abusing a sleeping acrobat…and a trip to McDonalds with Franny that nearly saw us kicked out…who knew they had such overzealous security in Parisian McDonalds at 8am…plus they don’t serve breakfast! Having a burger (minus the bun as wheat intolerant) was not the best breakfast I have had and nor do I recommend it.

Antics backstage with a sleeping Herve...oops never sleep at the festival! LOL

After lugging my massive coffin (suitcase) half way across Paris and up millions (ok maybe not that much) of stairs I crashed into bed at Anne’s glamorous apartment with LouLou at about 9am….oh how rock n roll.

By 5pm the next day though we were all back at the venue for the Burlesque Bazaar to see what was for sale. I purchased a necklace in the shape of lips…naturally. We partied somewhat with the help of more mojitos at the performers party but cried off early as we were shattered and went for a meal with Anne’s boyfriend at a restaurant in the Pigalle. YUMMY food!!

After a feeble attempt to watch Kung Fun Panda we all went to bed early…ish about 1am.

The next morning both LouLou and I departed Paris and headed back to our respective homes….both sad to be leaving. Though lots of awesome memories and plans to return.

Now I am home I determined to crack on with my burlesque more than ever! I am working hard in preparation for my show in Jersey this weekend…3 acts to be performed. BRING IT ON!

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