Saturday, 26 December 2009

Arrived...Christmas Australia Style

Thankfully my parents have a pretty good internet connection so I should be able to update this site pretty regularly. I have been here about 3 days and each one has been awesome. Jetlag has nearly gone though I am rather shattered even now despite the early nights.

The flight over was pretty uneventful despite someone being removed from the flight at Abu Dhabi and my butt going numb about 2 hrs into the 14 hour leg of the flight to Australia. I arrived in Sydney to wall of gorgeous heat which was stark contrast to the miserable icy cold of London I had left behind some 24 hours ago.

As soon as I had unpacked I headed into the local surfer town Cronulla. I tucked into some food that tasted delicious in comparison to the microwave tat I had eaten on the airplane. But the jetlag soon set in and I was to bed so quick I barely registered the day.

The next day was Christmas and I had an absolute blast. My dad dressed up as Santa Claus and we all ate bbq'd snapper fish instead of the usual customary over dry turkey!

Cooking Xmas dinner Aussie style!

Christmas Parental style...god help me!

We even went to the beach and pratted around in the sun. Was odd to see it so busy considering it was Christmas day. Perhaps everyone else had the same idea as us (walk off the food we had stuffed ourselves with)

With the Parental Units at the beach!

Boxing day saw a visit to Botany Bay which was where Captain Cook first landed in Australia. It was really pretty there though the weather was slightly drizzly but was no where near as cold as the UK is! I heard it was -1 Boxing day! eeek!

Ode to some fabulous friends on Botany Bay beach!

Anyway after some cliff top walking (bloody high up) and some wildlife encounters at the Royal National Park I was more than happy to head home as to be honest I am EXHAUSTED!

Tomorrow is the wildlife park..cant wait!

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