Monday, 7 December 2009

Clean Up!

Just a few things from the last couple of days that I forgot to mention.

I danced in the window of Nikita Sablier to mark her one year anniversary

Marie and I in the window...I am a dork.

Also I appear to be on a Christmas card! Lucy (my beloved costume designer from Burldoir) sent me one. was a nice suprise.

the Xmas card! tee hee

I was also given a picture inspired by me from the lovely Petal from Dixie Doll tattoo boobs are pretty cool! LOL

Ahh bless!

I had to share this photo also...I like the way I look almost elegant...and I think I must have lost weight as I look slimmer since I last checked.....


Neil Robertson said...

GIRL you is hotter than hell!


Petal said...

AHHHHHH i cant believe you put that awful picture up i drew on my bad bad BAD day lol x Petal x

bathmate said...

I liked it.