Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Ok so this time next week I will boarding my plane to Australia. To say I am excited would be a very BIG understatement. I cant wait. Not only to I get to see my parents who immigrated to Sydney this year but I also get to perform. I cant wait to show my photos off. I will attempt to blog though unsure if I can as I will be uber busy.

Anyway this week I have had the dreaded nasty flu...so nasty I had to spend a few days in bed snotting and wallowing in self pity. God I hate that. Anyway I pretty much back to health though have a slightly husky voice.

I performed at the lovely Frank Sanazi's White Christmas show, Dirty Dicks, Liverpool Street. Was a great night and I met some lovely people. Frank is hysterical so if you get a chance to watch his show you really should. The Blondes De Amour who invited me to perform are quite possibly the cutest buttons in burlesque. So yummy and scrummy. The sad thing was that I left pretty much after my performance as the flu still hadnt gone away.

Khandie as Bad Ass Alice!

Anyway I went off to party to celebrate my lovely friend Rae-Rae's birthday.She looked so pretty and pregnant as she is due to give birth in February. She is going to make one yummy mummy. The night was pretty fabulous...especially when my friend donned on my shoes and made himself up to look like a very rough lady. Though the antics of Rob didnt stop there...he somehow managed to rip the flat screen TV off the wall and squash a gramaphone. All by accident but none the less hysterical.

Rob n I slightly merry giggling on the floor.

Anyway I had better go as I have to rehearse my newest act. I am hoping the bits I need arrive tomorrow so I can finish the routine. I am so nervous aboout debuting this act as unlike my others this one is to classical music and is fundamentally a classical burlesque act. AAAHHHH FISH OUT OF WATER SPRINGS TO MIND. Lets hope those dance lessons pay off. That said I am enjoying pushing myself to try something new.

ciao for now!


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Tracy Routerman said...

Girl you is hot! Get your ass over her to New York!