Sunday, 6 December 2009

WOWZER of a week

I have had a great week, especially the weekend. One highlight has to be my two performances for the Puppini Sisters' Christmas Show in Poole. I was there to perform along side GREAT mates from Rubyz. There was the great Annie of Burlesque or Bust and Light n Shade fame, the Kitty Kat Cabaret and the Darlings Divine academy. The Puppini Sisters were so very lovely.  They graciously signed autographed and posed for what seemed to be endless photos.

Me with the Puppini Sisters.

I should say I am rather underdressed here but I love my Voodoo Kitten 13 top and Amber Sweet hair flower! Starla James    , Matt (of Frankenstein Pictures) and Starla's mom came to the show. I could hear them cheering even before I got on stage. Tammy 'Dixie Doll' Bailey, Jason (Mr Bailey), Sarah and Mark also came along.

Light n Shade with the Puppinis

It was a really good night and I had a great time performing. I even performed an act I had literally created on the night after Annie called needing a 2nd act short notice. I turned the car around (bearing in mind I was 20 mins away from the venue at the time) and grabbed a costume. Annie somehow convinced me I could come up with an act to Etta James' At Last song so to be in keeping of the 40s theme for the night. I feel i managed to pull it off....just...LOL

Performing at the Puppini gig.

I performed the new act and my beloved Baby of the Blitz. I did cause a bit of drama by leaping over the barrier to perform amongst the audience.

Saturday saw me in the most loveliest barber shop ever. Jason Bailey is Southbourne based barber with a difference. Not only does he make a mean cup of coffee at his mini coffee bar in shop, but dressed head to toe in tweed he cuts a mean hair do too. Below the barber shop is the lovely Dixie Doll tattoo parlour where the lovely Tammy (Jason's wifey) and Petal work!

Because it was the lovely Bailey's wedding anniversary we all went out to dinner. Jason entertained us with a rather witty and slightly naughtt anecdote about the waitress who served us. I darent repeat it but it was rather funny. Tempest (GREAT NAME!) kept us entertained with her drawings and games...i think she gets her cracking personality from her parents. I love Tempest. She drew me loads of pictures. All of which I have plans to put up in my office.

Sunday I compered and told a few funnies at the What Katie Did christmas party. Richard one of the brains behind the company had previously bid and won me at the Help the Heroes charity auction and tasked me to do this little job in return. It was an absolute pleasure to do so. I met some lovely people: Slinky Sparkles, Polly Rae, Fleur De Guerre, Emma Threadneedle and loads of others. Slinky performed a lovely striptease while a Mr P played the saw. Now if you havent ever seen this before I suggest you do. The sound emitted is one of an eerie quality but no less beautiful. Who would have thought it?!

Anyway next week is gearing up to be another manic one! So will keep ya'll posted!