Thursday, 15 October 2009

In A Theatre

It would appear that I am back at the Southwark Playhouse again tonight...and Halloween. I must have made a good impression as they booked me pretty quick after my first show with them. I am very excited about performing there again. If you havent been then you really should pop down. I love the vault best of all, they even arrange film shows down there. I am thinking about hiring the place for my birthday next year. Could be a good day what with the spooky atmosphere and great bar prices (which lets face it always helps).

So tonight I am at the theatre taking part in the Secrets side of the show. I cant wait. Anyway better get back to the old rehearsals. I am excited to be doing my Gorilla You Do Voodoo act and my Rabbit Poison one.


Khandie Khisses



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