Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Burlesque Down Under

So my trip to Oz (Sydney and Melbourne to be precise) is looming and I can't wait. I have plans to shop like a crazy lady at all the corset/pinup shops and see as much Australian burlesque as possible. My own board treading is in Melbourne but more of that nearer the time.I feel sorry my poor folks who I am supposed to be visiting following their recent immigiration....I mean they are gonna have to be dragged along to the shows. Though I am sure they won't mind. They like them. I think my folks are my biggest fans, my mom is forever talking about her burlesque daughter.
Anyway I am going to have to speak to the lovely Jac Bowie (www.JacBowie.com) to see what shows are on.

Burlesque appears to be a universal language LOL I can't think of a  country that doesn't have it.


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Shania Young said...

Canada, mainly Ontario, doesn't have any Burlesque! It saddens me greatly, as I am a HUGE burlesque fan.
BTW, my partner is in love with your Poison Rabbit act. You need to get another, better video up of it, mind you, your energy in it, is quite astounding!