Monday, 26 October 2009

Oh Dear! Shopping Again!

Ok so having resolved myself to the fact that I cant spend too much money over the next coming months in prep for my trip to Australia over Christmas/New Year to see the parental units (and the odd performance and modelling assignment) I couldnt resist myself when I heard Nikita Sablier had new stock in!

You see when there is new stock it is rarely in the shop as it usually flies out. Nikki (the shop owner/model/make up artist/stylist/goddess) knows just what we pinup princess and burlesque beauties want and gets it in. Now whilst you can order in items she doesnt have the stock (which is bloody marvellous if you ask me) she has so many awesome dresses, corsets, lingerie and dont get me started on the hand bags, tassels and fascinators!

She even has a jukebox playing 40s/50s/swing/jazz/rockabilly tunes. I am forever dancing to it which bemuses the fellow customers I am sure...It makes me want to get one for my living room...oh dear I can hear my bank manager scream already LOL.

I almost bought the window display outfit which was a lovely Bettie Page Clothing high waisted braced skirt and blouse. I took a picture as I loved it so much...I may go back an purchase it.

So I gave in and bought myself a a Bettie Page Clothing sailor dress with a pencil skirt as opposed to the flared skirt. I am going to wear it on Wednesday to the Creative Networking Meeting she has organised there.

Anyway go see her shop.  Its on the 1st floor of Kingly Court, off Carnaby street, London.




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