Friday, 9 October 2009

I was once a blogger more!

I didnt realise that blogging was really so popular as it appears to be. I mean I often sit and yabber on to my friends about what I get up to but it appears the whole world is interested in what we all do!

Anyway I could make one of those bogus promises to religiously update this blog all the time but somehow I am not so sure I will. So... I do hereby promise to update as and when the feeling takes me!

See now thats a good oath.

Well I am a busy rabbit (tip the cap to my Rabbit Poision act check out my youtube channel for a bad video of it

I have a show tonight at 93 brick Lane, London for Burlesque & Bass. its a night to help raise money for a student film production. Looks like it is going to be a great night actually.

Then I am off to Birmingham to defend the British in Cold War Burlesque. ( I have to say I am rather excited about this one too. A cracking idea for a show!

Then Monday is a modelling shoot...then Wednesday is Burlesque Against Breast Cancer, Dirty Dicks, Liverpool Stn, London.


Anyway some good news at the Khisses headquarters: The website is relaunched!!!!


GO AND CHECK IT OUT. There are still some areas that need updating but the foundations are there. The lovely Monkeybrand AKA Em Eat aka Peski DeVille done it for me!!!




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